HTC announces low-cost Desire U 4

25 January, 2013
Comes with a 4-inch, WVGA display, 1.0GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and Android 4.0.

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  • Jenn

Wat is the ecxact value price

  • dark01


  • kirk

good buy if less than $200. wish we can physically upgrade the phone's memory at least like laptops. :D almost same specs as the lava on the other news. trending?

  • Anonymous

I just hate HTC for one point . They give all what people want but make some features cut. Just Front Camera wtf. Why why why
. It will be an awesome Handset just a bit low ram and front cam.

  • Anonymous

Hope HTC continue with the HD2 's design .. like that of butterfly for their budget phones, im kinda tired on the desire look.

2013 phone releasing with ICS? Then HTC wonder why they are going down the toilet! This won't even get JB!

  • MasEnha

HTC shall put Beats marking on hi-end phones only along with exceptional DAC quality. Lately I felt Beats became more and more priceless on HTC without decent DAC config, damn marketing tricks!

In the picture posted,the play story icon and media icon has Korean font? it looks like it will release only in korea/china?

  • Amit

I clearly remember HTC said that they wont be launching low-mid range devices and their devices would be only for people who can afford it.....

What happened mate???

  • DD

It is rival for sony xperia j

Needs to be jelly bean ... but happily it has Beats audio and Nice design ... good for low price phones ...

  • Falkao

Very nice budget phone.

  • Anonymous

same old spec n hardware

  • HTCsupporter

This main that i going to stop support is Battery hope u improve it :)

This phone is better than HTC one v.

  • Spidey

Nice!! How much?! Hmmm... ;)