Samsung teases with image of Exynos 5 Octa chipset

25 January, 2013
The chipset packs four Cortex-A15 cores and four A7 cores to optimize performance and power efficiency.

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droopy, 25 Jan 2013Big problem for linux phones such as android or iphone is BATTER... morePeople are already getting very good battery life on the Note 2. I've seen screen shots that showcase 5-6.5 hours of screen time with regular use. My Nexus 4 can achieve 5+ hours of screen time, and I hit 6 hours using airplane mode, and WiFi. All my calls and texts are over data, anyway, so there really isn't a need for me to have mobile data on, unless I'm away from home, my office, or a coffee shop.

I am still skeptic about the power efficiency. I really doubt this concept of high power lowpower cores would work efficiently in real life. My concept is that when low power cores work the os becomes sluggish . And when high power cores work cpu may get overheated . Hoping samsung would have addressed the issue.

Big problem for linux phones such as android or iphone is BATTERY. Using the OCTA core phones, you reduce battery to 50% less, means. Instead of using the phone 1 day for recharge, it takes 2-3 days now.
This solved the most demanded feature for linux which is BATTERY. My girlfriend has an iphone but use it half day due to low battery, i have an android and use it 1 day maximun. New Galaxy S4, will be excellent as i will use it 2-3 days!!!

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Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013Hows that? IP5 gets ios updates for 3 full years. How bout the... moreEven the S2 has been updated to Jelly bean. I'm talking about an oficial update not a Custom ROM.

The S3 will be maintained for a very long time.

Just shows how much you know of the android world. :)

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013Hows that? IP5 gets ios updates for 3 full years. How bout the... moreMy sgs2 is running very well and is expecting jelly bean update next month and it will be its 2nd bday soon. Thats sgs2. Sgs3? Not even close to obsolete.


of course my horse.. the SGS4 will have that octa chipset. allegedly with the latest PowerVR Series 6 Rogue.. thats why the report says all low power consumption. it has to be PowerVR. not the new Mali500MP .. the GPU is not going to be homebrewed. . and u know the one that can best anyone outthere it the PowerVR554MP4. the one that the ip5 has. not until we seen on summer the new Snapdragons. hail PowerVR!!!

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Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013lol, if s3 is obsolete, than the ip5 is obsolete what a foolish ... moreHows that? IP5 gets ios updates for 3 full years. How bout the s3? 1 year. Then its dead, this is what samsung does to make you clowns keep buying their phones, as for apple, it has a high resell and better long term usage rate. obsolete my ass.

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lol, if s3 is obsolete, than the ip5 is obsolete what a foolish comment below

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who the hell cares about what a processor f in looks like.

Oh wait, sammy's do. hahahahahahah. So what happens when the s4 comes out? S3 is obsolete?

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013and one more thing "a quadcore A9 1.2ghz processor (for li... moreYou have almost concluded this piece to tech to 'Start-go' engines or cars. Tell me why do you need power windows in a car when you manually roll them up.

I am surprised how can one conclude even before you have seen / tested it.

Secondly, can you tell me more lite apps other than call , sms that a7 quad can do. take a guess atleast.

dont know y some ppl r yelling about it coz now every ppl buy a topdog smartphone only if he/she has complete knowledge of it... in thz case samsung never said the phone will be powered by 8-core cpu, they claim only chip's name is exynos-5-octa but the way it works is like a quad core cpu only... n those who know difference between chip wont bother for single, dual or quad core, they want better chip, better arm n better graphics for the better performance...

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013The question is double the no of cores means a big improvement? ... more"marketing something they didn't invent" looooool

If only the inventor holds the right to sell something in the market we'd all be broke. Monopoly is never good for consumers.

Some people here are jealeous from samsung

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Its 8 core processor for sure....but you will never be able to use all of it. cause it will only allow you to use 4 cores. either cortex 15 or 7

i agree with some prev comments, if only 4 cores can be online at any given time, than it shouldnt be called octa. anyway i wonder how efficient it will be. cause when u do some heavy stuff, the 4 a15 will eat your battery fast.

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nick2012, 25 Jan 2013guyssssss so its just a quad core processor which can change fro... moreThere are 8 cores in total. They don't all have to be of the same calibre.


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Samsung should call this chip set .......
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Common_636, 25 Jan 2013Im trying my hardest not to make a comment, to not to sound &quo... morei totaly agree with u man.... if samsung creates something innovative then people say its useless, copied, and just criticize it

y u guys being such haters of sammy dont u hv brains or just want to ignore the fact that samsung is better than apple

Its just a quad core with few touch ups.. the whole power of the 8 cores can't be attained and so its not a "octa" core...

lets see how efficient this sammy will be.. :D

  • thala

at least they must be slower that my i3 in computer