BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 unveiled, first BB10 smartphones

30 January, 2013
The Z10 flagship is a touch-only smartphone, while the Q10 marries touchscreen and hardware QWERTY.

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Abdul9, 30 Jan 2013The hardware is not what they are advertising but the software a... moreexcuse me, i followed the whole keynote and there is not an app that's available on bb10 not available on wp8. still both of them looks impressive but i think wp8 has better chance since wp8 reached a lot lower price point than bb10.

Nice UI but only time will tell about its success in the presence of champions. Hardware and build quality seems to be attractive but software will have to do something very special to convert fanatic followers of IOS, Android and WP8. Did you hear any word about playbook updating to BB10 OS?

  • Mats

I don't understand why people are after hardware. Did you see how smooth it was running? For the upteenth time this is not ANDROID that it needs 16 cores and 8gb ram. The software looks impressive and phone is good looking as well. it might not be the market breaker but surely will put things in the right direction for the BB which definitely lost its path. A job well done in my opinion and no I'm not a BB lover, never owned/liked it but got to admire what is good. this LOOKS good. Good Luck BB

Really. This is totally overpriced looking at the hardware it will provide.
On 3 year contract 149.99$?
Oh my god. I'd rather buy Lumia 920. So outdated.

OS looks promising though.

  • so

not fan of bb, but this looks like old android phone, anyway what first company to sue bb for copy right thing??

  • Super Zoe

Abdul9, 30 Jan 2013The hardware is not what they are advertising but the software a... moreThis is a real nice Phone Company and i completly agree with you on that point.

  • Daniel

can be seen in the new operating system youtube videos as attachments to twitter or still blocked the option of streaming servers from RIM with the new OS BB10???

  • Super Zoe

Nice One

  • Anonymous

I think the hardware is sufficient. But, for that hardware, it was better a lower price. Blackberry continues with the same problem: high prices for medium hardware.

hippoZ, 30 Jan 2013The BB10 UI looks unimpressive! It looks worse than Windows 8... moreWindows 8 or Windows Phone 8 ??? Dont make silly mistake again & again. Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 are completely different thing.

  • Anonymous

Cheap looking with plastic build. Nahhh

The BB10 UI looks unimpressive!

It looks worse than Windows 8 UI.

I guess it is hard for new users to accept BB10 OS unless you are BB die hard fans.

  • MCRL

The Flow man the FLow, and that HUB and that screenshare on BBM...Awesome

The hardware is not what they are advertising but the software and anyone can see that they gave it their all. I mean they already have all those apps, apps that should have been in WP8 but are not. Tell me again that they don't deserve to succeed. Again the hardware is not the highlight but the software.

  • Bankai

It looks like a 4.2 inch enlarged LG Cookie phone. The design is very dated. I'm smelling a flop.

  • ylibertcga

RIM habra incluido radio FM???

  • MCRL

Nice, Skype is on BB10

  • Chintan Patel

Here comes the blackberry to the real competition now....Way to go...excited to see more ! cheers

  • Anonymous

Both tlook thoroughly average with little new and a huge price to boot. In reality they offer nothing useful over existing BB OS

Personally I really like both of these handsets, especially the Q10. Seeing screen sizes drop again makes sense now that tablets are so popular and cheap. A high quality OS like this which focuses on getting things like typing, basic web-browsing and multi-tasking right seems like a good move.

This is why I bought my RAZR i over the likes of a GSIII. I wanted something smaller, high quality and to the point. I leave games and heavy web browsing to my PC and tablet.