BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 unveiled, first BB10 smartphones

30 January, 2013
The Z10 flagship is a touch-only smartphone, while the Q10 marries touchscreen and hardware QWERTY.

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  • zahoor

Nothing special

  • Mr Grumpy

All I wanna know is:

- does it have an FM radio?
- can I turn off that damn camera shutter sound

  • zeenakhuda

BB, Welcome to the new world. Looking forward.

  • sfy

Chewy, 30 Jan 2013Underwhelmed by this handset. Blackberry came with a roadshow to... moregood one

  • Chewy

Underwhelmed by this handset. Blackberry came with a roadshow to my place of work a few days ago and I have to say, neither of these handsets are particularly special.

They were toting innovations such as a side notification centre and predictive text with swipe gestures.. They aren't new, they're just rehashed.

As for the spec, launching with spec that is now 6 months out of date? RIP Blackberry, I'd like to say it was nice knowing you, but really.... was it?