First BlackBerry Z10 reviews come in, look cautiously positive

30 January, 2013
The latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is all we thought it will be and then some more. But is this enough?

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I like the integration of all the social platforms into the phone's applications, contacts, calendar etc. and also the easy way of sharing media via these platforms. Seems well equipped for both business and entertainment use. Can't wait to upgrade to the new BB Z10.

  • vladar78

Nokia N9, meego OS

ThePhoneSalesman, 31 Jan 2013Your comment shows your clear lack of any knowledge about high e... moreDon't be so insulting, the other poster mentioned Android positively as well, but obviously the red mist descended as soon as you saw "iPhone" and off you ranted. Hate comments like yours, total waste of space.

most BB fans already moved on..........


Having seen the Webcast of the launch and most of it's features. Also having used 'andriod and IOS, I can firmly say BB10 with q10 and q10. are class apart for the following reason ;
Andriod with it's plethora of manufacturers and versions jelly.icecream etc is increasingly becoming too childish, good for play..and it is unreliable.
BB10 has rocksolid pedigree something you can count on. now coupled with it's new features of BBhub, vedio BBM, BB balance is really appealing.
2) As regards IOS they were and always be more of show off than true computing device.
In some market like UAE, INDIA BB 10 will get back some marketshare. and the rest depends upon actual word of mouth when the product will be used. becoz already pple are getting bored of iphone

  • Guitarbloke

Too little, too late I fear.

Massive and potentially wasted investment, pushing unecessary devices into an already crowded market.
Doesn't really bring much to the table which iOS and Android don't already do.

I hope I'm proved wrong though

  • ThePhoneSalesman

cyber, 31 Jan 2013blackberry,blackberry,blackberry....RIM and their blackberry dev... moreYour comment shows your clear lack of any knowledge about high end phones. The Z10 is literally capable of near on everything that the iPhone 5 is, witht eh 1 big exception being Facetime, but it has skype capabilities to counter that. As for high end Android devices, well... the iPhone 5 is severely lacking in comparison to the best sellers like the S3, Xperia T and such, to the point where the 5s has already been announced as being available around july this year.
So, mr Apple fanboy, you are quite welcome to your overpriced products, you are quite welcome to be one amongst the uneducated mass of sheep that seem to blindly buy the newest iphone every 6 or so months at greaat cost for very little in terms of added features, but us sensible people that know what we're talking about will be stickinng to Android and other OS's and Manufacturers that actually innovate on a consistent level and actually give you a phone that you can make yours.

  • cyber

blackberry,blackberry,blackberry....RIM and their blackberry devices and new os is one last breath,symbian and meego is already down,new blackberry os will follow it very soon,this z10 phone is overpriced and nowhere near to iphone or top android phones

  • Anonymous

Z10 .... Great to have you back BB.....nice one and all da best !!
Android and Ios well its time for real battle so be prepared ... good luck guys;))
but i will definitely go with Z10 ...waiting waiting ...

Honest opinion...I have the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, s3, note 2, and a few others...I have been using the Z10 for the past three weeks and I am gladly keeping my 5 in its box for a very long while. Z10 is my daily from now on, Simple as that.

Missing the point...UAE is where money is. More than anywhere else.

  • Anonymous

SergioMarques255, 30 Jan 2013Did you test, in your hands, for just 5 minutes a good Android p... moreBB users and IOS user can not acknowledge or know the charm of Android...

  • Anonymous

And they have more apps in their catalog than WP8+WP7 combined!!

SergioMarques255, 30 Jan 2013I forgot to say ... the new mobiles are comming water & dust... moreyes u r right

  • chronicwu

UAE? RIM doesn't even know where its market is. There are more BB subscribers in Nigeria than there are people in the UAE. Z10 and Q10 both look good. I think they will do well in the market not cos of perfomance, but becos people just want something new

with all respect to you , I have been using android for the past 3 years my first phone was HTC wildfire then xperia x10 now Ian using HTC one x and is typing this on HTC desire x . I have done things on my phone you would have never even dreamed of. with all the smart phone experience I stand by my statements. my point is one should buy device which has specs one uses. for example for a person who doesn't take photographs regularly doesn't need 13 megapixel 8 is enough .one who doesn't watch movies on his phone doesn't need 5 inch screen . 4.2 is more than enough . how many gs3 users really know the difference between exynos 4 And dual core krait apart from the names . buy phones with specs you use not which you imagine using .

  • Pms

Battrery battery and battery is required or else the 10 will fail as 9900.

  • Anonymous

I like the Z10 looks wise however, I am currently using a BB9900 and it does nothing but crashes....not sure If I will buy this or go either android or iOS! :(

I think its actually a great addition to Blackberry's current phones but i still think it'll fall behind Google/Apple really quickly

SergioMarques255, 30 Jan 2013Did you test, in your hands, for just 5 minutes a good Android p... moreI forgot to say ... the new mobiles are comming water & dust proof with 13MPx camera. Is there anybody who need those features ? I think so. And BB ???? Has nothing in this area. So bad.