Windows Phone 7.8 is now seeding to Nokia Lumia handsets

30 January, 2013
The update will be available through February via Microsoft Zune desktop software.

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i agree about absense of cyrillyc,especialy about macedonian :) this what happends with windows is the same storry android had in the beginings but Ms should learnd from them...but it seams that they ignored that and that is bad bad for them. That holds me and many liie me from buying windows phone..

  • sniper

Telcel mexico, has the 7.8 update for all the lumia line since about two weeks a go.

  • MuTko

TheAgent, 31 Jan 2013If they didn't tell you they would update it, you'd still be say... moreNo, and I can give you a couple of resons.
* I had to wait almost a year to get any usable Marketplace (or whatever they call it now) apps, because for some reson MS would not allow them in particular markets.
* It still lacks Cyrilic keyboard, which particularly pisses me off. I don't appreciate writing messages in foreign alphabeths or trying to figure how to put down the names of my friends in Latin.
* APN configuration is a joke (either no internet or or no MMS).
* MS Live now has all my contacts due to the way of transferring contacts.
Otherwise Nokia made a nice, sturdy and responsive phone. They also include free maps, camera and a decent set of apps. Sadly, MS (Elop, maybe) is trying to depreciate and buy them out.
I must admit, I like the UI, but I hate to deal with MS.

This by far makes more difference to my phone than any of my Android updates have! :-D

Pretty clear the experienced players all work on wp.

its awesome, it feels like new phone.................................

  • Anonymous

htc 7 trophy not find any update. any body updated?

Yes it support whatapp

  • Moga from Ghana

does the Nokia lumia support what's app

not only for lumia , it is available for all windows 7.5 devices, nokia, samsung etc. just now i updated my samsung omnia w.........

  • lbj23

is the update already available in the philippines for lumia 900? thanks =)

  • deeju

rafaelluik, 31 Jan 2013Well, via Zune, Samsung Omnia W is already receiving it too.when did u got de update i'm using the same phone still not got it. after the update what is the version showing their

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2013Just use nokia care suite to install WP 7.8 :))you will nedd passowrd now

Already updated in india through nokia service center.....

  • sushil

assu, 30 Jan 2013got wp7.8 on samsumg omnia w(india)Kindly let me know the city where update had been rolled out

  • Thornastor

In the UK the bluetooth share is available but not ringtone maker.

  • Anonymous

htc 7 trophy not received update notification

  • Smj

Havent received update for my L610 here in Chennai, India.

Just updated mine (Lumia 610) here in philippines. and my friend's lumia 800

Omnia is no longer supported...

  • Anonymous

any luck with omnia w ............ i m from india ...tried cable unplug method but to no success.......any other ideas