Windows Phone 7.8 is now seeding to Nokia Lumia handsets

30 January, 2013
The update will be available through February via Microsoft Zune desktop software.

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  • sniper

Telcel mexico, has the 7.8 update for all the lumia line since about two weeks a go.

  • MuTko

TheAgent, 31 Jan 2013If they didn't tell you they would update it, you'd still be say... moreNo, and I can give you a couple of resons.
* I had to wait almost a year to get any usable Marketplace (or whatever they call it now) apps, because for some reson MS would not allow them in particular markets.
* It still lacks Cyrilic keyboard, which particularly pisses me off. I don't appreciate writing messages in foreign alphabeths or trying to figure how to put down the names of my friends in Latin.
* APN configuration is a joke (either no internet or or no MMS).
* MS Live now has all my contacts due to the way of transferring contacts.
Otherwise Nokia made a nice, sturdy and responsive phone. They also include free maps, camera and a decent set of apps. Sadly, MS (Elop, maybe) is trying to depreciate and buy them out.
I must admit, I like the UI, but I hate to deal with MS.

This by far makes more difference to my phone than any of my Android updates have! :-D

Pretty clear the experienced players all work on wp.

its awesome, it feels like new phone.................................

  • Anonymous

htc 7 trophy not find any update. any body updated?

Yes it support whatapp

  • Moga from Ghana

does the Nokia lumia support what's app

not only for lumia , it is available for all windows 7.5 devices, nokia, samsung etc. just now i updated my samsung omnia w.........

  • lbj23

is the update already available in the philippines for lumia 900? thanks =)

  • deeju

rafaelluik, 31 Jan 2013Well, via Zune, Samsung Omnia W is already receiving it too.when did u got de update i'm using the same phone still not got it. after the update what is the version showing their

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2013Just use nokia care suite to install WP 7.8 :))you will nedd passowrd now

Already updated in india through nokia service center.....

  • sushil

assu, 30 Jan 2013got wp7.8 on samsumg omnia w(india)Kindly let me know the city where update had been rolled out

  • Thornastor

In the UK the bluetooth share is available but not ringtone maker.

  • Anonymous

htc 7 trophy not received update notification

  • Smj

Havent received update for my L610 here in Chennai, India.

Just updated mine (Lumia 610) here in philippines. and my friend's lumia 800

Omnia is no longer supported...

  • Anonymous

any luck with omnia w ............ i m from india ...tried cable unplug method but to no success.......any other ideas

O-Tee, 31 Jan 2013Got mines last night in South Africa, looks great...Which network are you with?