HTC predicts flat or lower revenue and margins in Q1 this year

04 February, 2013
The Android and WP phone maker has been on a decline lately and 2013 isn't starting off well.

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Never got the promised ICS update for my Desire S. You probably deserve it!

  • xfactor

one S, 04 Feb 2013In the hardware side HTC is the best, but they offer a very limi... moreI agree

  • Xfactor

htc for life

  • Awestrike

HTC needs to stop abandoning older phone models.

No loyalty from the company = No loyalty from customers

i don't understand its the best and the fastest phone is htc and its not expensive like Samsung

why ? if you buy a htc for one time never buy any other brands

  • Anonymous

JM, 04 Feb 2013M7 is not waterproof. Period.and what...are you going to take it for a bath with you?

  • one S

In the hardware side HTC is the best, but they offer a very limited options & settings in Android phones, Why some one root and install different rom in his brand new mobile losing the warranty ? .... many reason one important one of it , is ..the very few settings offered in the stock rom specially HTC , THIS IS SO BAD, the developer team in HTC should provide end user with more settings in sense 5

Hogg, 04 Feb 2013When samsung starts making phones with no removeble battery an m... moreThe Samsung Fanboys will say it's the best thing ever.

Samsung smarttoys are nothing but overhyped pieces of junk that breaks easily.

They couldn't do anything HDDNA a.k.a butterfly which is pretty harsh. M7 is going to be another failure.

  • OMG

No wonder why they are loosing money. Customer service is horrible, device quality is very poor. My One X is not even a year old and it's been repaired 3 times already and HTC refuse to replace it!

I will not go with HTC ever again.

  • qwertyfreak

HTC needs to come up with a sassy new QWERTY phone to bump off BBQ10 from the competition.

Pay heed HTC!

  • Anonymous

HTC is a very good brand but their marketing is not so good.

  • Whoolf

I have a HTC Sensation 4G and HTC is the best because the performance of these phones are very hight !

(Sorry for my bad English)

  • Android Man

have i missed something, or been on another planet. i work in the mobile industry and HTC have never really been, the hottest makers ever. yes there good looking mobiles but not quite shifting the units samsung have been. but good luck anyway.

  • Scoop to comeback!!! :)

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2013HTC better performance than what? One X and One X+ has browsing ... moreCool, next time you might want to review an actually Working phone, cause you sound like your One X is broken or something. I know One X is not the fastest out there (hell, even my One S smokes the big X) but it's not a slow phone by any means...

  • Hogg

When samsung starts making phones with no removeble battery an memory slot i want to hear what people are goin to say

  • gf


  • Dave

HTC stop rushing out your phones and put bigger batteries inside them. You do the same thing each year! Release your phone may/June.