Huawei and Microsoft announce Huawei 4Afrika

05 February, 2013
This is a modified version of the Huawei Ascend W1 but comes with custom apps created by the locals.

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  • Peter

Is this phone upgradable to Windows 8.1?

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  • 17 hours ago
  • r0j{
  • angelngambi

glo, 16 Aug 2015My huawei4africa keeps loosing network its like my phone is off ... moreMy phone is loosing network when I swich it to 3gnetwork

  • lexxy

how do i clear phone storage to add space in my phone because clear cache option is not working

  • PhemSeg

How do i clear phone memory???

  • ?

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2015Exactly the phone is freaking annoying ! icould have thought it ... moreWhat's your problem with a Africa even we have problems with the phone stop saying shit about a place you have never been to cause you think it's backwards

  • kabatha

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2014I have a Huawei 4afrika, but it doesnt play Radio. Plse assist s... moreSame issue. Help me if you did get help

  • cedric

Jp's love , 17 Dec 2014I have the same problem. If you came right with downloading what... moreDownoald whatsap using wifi.

  • keshy

i have used it for 9mths now W2,and its amazing

  • glo

My huawei4africa keeps loosing network its like my phone is off all the time and the network bars are full,how can I solve this problem?

  • Pau

I bought the phone two weeks back and today when I turn it on the screen just become's blue wht must I do to fix it?

  • Anonymous

kenyanboy, 28 May 2013i like trying new stuff... and i am liking it so far. Its obviou... moredude please! give it a month.. no just a week! it's the most annoyance phone i ever met it's senseless and unfixable

  • Anonymous

kenji, 16 Dec 2013that was insulting Exactly the phone is freaking annoying ! icould have thought it was meant for africa shouldnt have buy !!

  • buddy

Phone eventually runs out of space even if I delete stuff and results in me having to reset the phone , and phone has a very low amount of ram and its app stores are rather empty

  • Mapalo

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2015Fake account is unavailable now...this prevents... moreReset your phone
in your phone settings

  • fbj

I use this phone in zambia and it is simply awesome, but the battery tends to heat up when am using the internet.

Using this phone in Zimbabwe, awesome phone, battery good, processing good, video playback good, apps run smoothly...luv it.


How to get my phone which is lost

  • ify

I had issues with upgrading anew version of what's up on my Huawei 4Afrika,Window phone 8OS,model:Huawei W1-U00.For over 2wks using this application.Whenever I tried to upgrade to the new version is either error code 87b20c01 or a set up application asking for both my email address with password and my credit card details.I always ignore this,but can't still use the application.I've call my network provider also try to get to Microsoft section to resolve this issue to no avail.Will appreciate all efforts in resolving this issue for me,since I have been denied getting the necessary/important messages for over 2weeks now.My service provider has me to check &make my complain through this channel.Thanks for your quick response.

  • Anonymous

Fake account is unavailable now...this prevents me from downloading anything!!

  • Kaybee

how can i format my huawei 4 Africa phone?