ITC to rule on Apple's complaint against Samsung on August 1

06 February, 2013
If the ITC rules in Apple's favor, an import ban on infringing  Samsung products will go into effect in Oct.

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Both of them are "CANCER" in mobile phone

  • Hmm

MK, 07 Feb 2013scerw them,both companys,€500 or more for phone???? bullhsit,for... morelol buy a car for 500 Euro's a very old car or one full of rust or a car not even worth having! go for it :)

  • MK

scerw them,both companys,€500 or more for phone???? bullhsit,for that money i can get a car:))). what i see that crApple would like to ban everything except his own made in china super stuff.thanks god i don't live in usa.

  • Androidfanlol

M-i20, 07 Feb 2013Everything Apple does is disgraceful! Slice this any way you wan... moreA well presented point. Apple has a smaller share than Android in the US.

Android achieves market share through numerous manufacturers. So well done to Android for its share based on sales across multiple devices. So Apple being behind by just under 17% clearly makes them a failure. I don't think so.

  • kamote

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013Its stale news and now that Sony, Nokia and even Blackberry maki... morelol! where? how many real samsung customers? lol!

M-i20, 07 Feb 2013Everything Apple does is disgraceful! Slice this any way you wan... moreRemember that Microsoft have always been an even worse "bully"... than Apple!

Blackberry Z10 looks almost identical to iPhone 5, so it too should be bannad from sale in USA!

  • M-i20

Everything Apple does is disgraceful! Slice this any way you want. They didn't invent Smartphone cellular technologies. They STOLE/COPIED everything in the first place!! FACT - Android sales in USA is a massive 53.4%, Apple second on 36.6%, So Crapple run to court to ban Samsung sales in USA. The people of USA have spoken. Android offer better devices! Given the above, if the courts verdict goes in Apples favour, it will be a direct blow to one of the principals of the USA Constitution “INDIVIDUALS RIGHTS” It will legitimize the stealing of intellectual property BUT ONLY WHEN IT SUITS THE COURTS AND FOR A SELECT FEW INFLUENTIAL COOPERATES!! If Samsung/Crapple sales were reversed we wouldn’t even be discussing this. Crapple would be wallowing in their greedy iCrap. It will be a sad day for American consumers and a tragic day for cellular technology on a global scale. Consider this..In A.D. 105 paper was invented by a Chinese inventor Tsai Lun so why is it made and used freely in the USA??. Heaven forbid Crapple get into paper business! Greedy Crapple R-I-P

slug, 07 Feb 2013Hmmm.....let's see now. An 'International' trade commission that... moreSpot on!

  • slug

Hmmm.....let's see now. An 'International' trade commission that is based in the US and ruling on international trade into the US concerning a 'US' company defending it's 'patents' in the US market against some pesky foreigners.

It's hard not to be sceptical about the independence and impartiality of this whole process.

You can't blame Apple for fighting their corner, after all if they start losing market share in their 'home' market like they are doing in the UK and Europe, they'd be in serious trouble, but one can't help but think there's a large element of home field advantage in this case.

why the consumer should bother for this
2 company figtin each other...
while they still selling overprice the new flagship..

We as consumer get fool by this 2 giant forever...

  • Anonymous

Login with Google, 06 Feb 2013Shall we ban Apple's and Samsung's products?I never a fan of samsung products. I am going to Sony now.

  • Anonymous

I hope the fine to samsung will be doubled

Ban Apple and Samsung..if that doesn't stop their bickering.Then, Sony and Nokia will rise back up!

Good to see that people are finally realizing that Apple stole and copied from Samsung.

Login with Google, 06 Feb 2013Shall we ban Apple's and Samsung's products?I say yes, it will settle this once and for all.... there so childish

  • Anonymous

Its stale news and now that Sony, Nokia and even Blackberry making a comeback, people are admitting that Samsung copied. Previously this was difficult to admit, as Samsung was the only good phone to buy, and owners didn't want to admit to owning a phone from a copycat company.

Now that they are leaving Samsung, you see more and more accepting that they copied, in the comment sections.

  • Taz-Arty

Apple V's Samsung = VW beetle V's Porche, Apple is failing & they know it, pick up the game or get out of it!

  • Ubuntu Takeover

$AM$UNG, 07 Feb 2013My Birthday is August 1st. I wish Samsung win. You and me have the same birthday but I don't care who wins so I guess go samsung.

  • $AM$UNG

Q. Name one war fought by the Samsung in the 2000s.
Ans. Apple