Rumored 41 MP EOS from Nokia might be named as Lumia 1000

08 February, 2013
The 41MP Nokia Lumia smartphone might be named Lumia 1000, according to a new leak. 

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  • Carol

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2013the resolutions display of some phone is just 720p or 1080p for ... moreIf for you a camera in the phone is useless, cause you probably have a hopeless camera, in this case was useless for me to, before the great n8 came out and brought my expectations from a small device camera to life. So, when you take great pics with your phone, the useless becomes useful. And your useless comment becomes zero. A 41 megapixel has a point and before you talk more NOTHING, learn to understand it. If you don't understand then, stop talking. we're not interested. Also, if a camera is useless for you doesn't mean that everybody should think the same. So, you don't like, you don't buy. But trolling doesn't pay you, isn't it?

  • carol

dolbydigital, 09 Feb 2013The dumbest thing is that 41MP Cameraphone will take pureview ph... more:)). Yeah, right. What frustrates you more? The fact that you are a not so smart troll. Or the fact that galaxy s*it 3 camera is an average crap?

  • dunu

hey sumsung guys.. In a HD resolution display even a two megapixel picture can be seen great. So you think your sumsung smartphone takes great photos. But dare to compare your sumsung smartphone photos with nokia n8. You Can see the reality. A great camera, media functionality is much used then a quad core processor. Feel it!

The dumbest thing is that 41MP Cameraphone will take pureview photos in oonly cheap 2MP/3MP/5MP/8MP resolutions and the truth is galaxy s 3's 8mp photo is better than pureview's 8mp shit.

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2013the resolutions display of some phone is just 720p or 1080p for ... moredon't worry, you'll always have the chance to buy for cheaper a pathetic camera phone, this is for the photo addicted only (and for those who don't mind having a great cam in their great smartphone)

  • Anonymous

the resolutions display of some phone is just 720p or 1080p for the flagship devices. why on earth they put 41 mp camera? for what this is? or just marketing strategy? lol. do you want to print your 41 mp pictures for fearing mouse? its not funny Carol

  • Anonymous

not sure that a 720 is necessary. the 620 itself has mainly better specs than 710.

  • Carol

Mag82, 09 Feb 2013Samsung are Korean a companie not a Chinese one geezAnd? Iphone are American and their products are made in china. Name me one made in Korea Samsung, and i'll give you some Korean Aldi bags.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2013actually in real life. camera is useless feature in a phone and ... moreThat's because it is useless to take pictures with your phone;). Camera is more useful the your facebook and tweeter my "breind"... now, hush.

  • Carol

ThomasCarlsson, 08 Feb 2013The 8-core is actually "only" 2 4-core, and the 41 MP ... moreAnd then again, you talk nonsense. Only a 5 mp camera? What are you? NINE? 808 purview has a full 41 megapixel sensor my friend (before talking nonsense do some lessons) and is a full 38 megapixel effective camera (7152 x 5368, you do the math), it cannot take 41 megapixel shots cause they will be round, now, wouldn't they? It is advertised as 41 megapixel and not 38 megapixel cause the pure-view technology uses the whole sensor for it's oversampling technique. In pureview mode, you can take 8 megapixel, 5 megapixel and 3 megapixel pictures. In the best quality you have ever seen in a mobile before. In custom mode, you can shot 38 megapixel images. Now, if you don't understand that, attend school and stop being dum*.

  • Carol

ThomasCarlsson, 08 Feb 2013I think 8 MP cameras are good enough, and is not the 41 MP came... moreThe 41 megapixel camera has a POINT and it's made like this for a reason. Is innovative and has a purpose. If you would just read about WHY, then you wouldn't make this useless comment anymore. The real question is: WHO NEEDS A OCTA-CORE CPU? This is the real question...

jayrbars, 09 Feb 2013im definitely going to buy this monster. whatever people would s... moreLove how everybody owns the flagship models of rival companies when they've set their eyes on a particular company's model.

  • pandemonium

This is exactly the phone (rumored) I'm hoping will replace my N8. WP8+awesome camera+high call quality, stereo sound recording and excellent noise dampening=win.

The only thing that they absolutely need to do is make sure it has an expansion slot! No mSDHC card is massive fail for me. I use my N8 to record tons of videos and pictures, MP3 player with 10GB+ music on it, video clips to stream to TV or on the phone, and store applications on. With a higher quality camera, the recordings will be even higher bitrate, so I'd need at least 64GB onboard with no expansion slot and that will probably be ridiculous in pricing.

And please stop trolling, people. You really should learn how things work before you open your mouths. No need to be a fanboy to appreciate what's happening here. Once you start to understand the technologies and ecosystem at work here, you'll see why competitors to Nokia will be falling short or pushed to excellence in the next few years.

Regarding the Camera:
The MegaPixels aren't everything, but Nokia has developed an awesome type of "pixel binning", which allows the processor to select the most useful pixels when scaled down from higher resolutions. Go look at picture comparisons. Also, the sensor size and lens is the more important parts of a camera. A larger sensor allows for better reception of light, and that light's quality is determined by the lens. Carl Zeiss lenses are legendary. That's a proven fact. Ask any professional photographer and they'll agree. Only higher end Nokia phones have these lenses. That alone is saying something.

If you don't use your camera on your phone, then you obviously have no idea what this is all about and shouldn't bother commenting! However, if you own a discrete camera (e.g. SLR, DSLR, digital handheld, your father's Olympus OM-1), then you really need to take a hard look at how valuable and convenient high quality cameraphones are. I really believe discrete camera days are numbered with how convenient and qualifying cameraphones are becoming (to the 99 percentile). Of course, there will always be hardcore, die-hard fans to anything that becomes passé, so a market will always exist for less useful devices.

I digress. Even if you're not a fan of Nokia, be a fan of the innovation and competition that will stem from this. I think we can all agree that a market with nothing new is boring.

Appreciate it for what it is. :)

  • kk

Nokia's standard design. Best camera specs, crap screen. An upgrade in one thing, a broken spec in another. That's what they've always done. Now they wonder why they going out of business.

  • Anonymous

Does everyone want to know why Nokia never went with Android ? One word "Ecosystem" try using your Lumia 920 or Surface tablet as Xbox glass it can only get better especially when 720 hits...... Can't comment on the Sony Playstation and how it interacts within its own Ecosystem........Therein lies something else that is gonna appeal to the masses if marketed correctly how Windows 8 can interact across a variety of manufacturers and allow end user to have same experience......

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2013"Who need this cheap plastic with 41MP?" - poor Nokia,... moreWell i need a 41 mp sensor...please dont bring samsung into discussion when premium class and innovation is the topic.You may open your mouth when its about copying,cheating etc..thats what samsung does..

Samsung 8 core still not compare to Nokia 920

seeing today I still find value for money on n8....hope I find same with coming nokia phones ,thanks nokia

Wow.. 41mp... sony 13mp exmor rs can record hdr video.. i wonder what 41mp from nokia can offer. A good bokeh perhaps??

  • jayrbars

im definitely going to buy this monster. whatever people would say. i have samsung note and iphone4 and an old nokia 6600. this will be my next main phone. i will save for this! i wish thia is true!