Vertu Ti is the company's first Android smartphone

12 February, 2013
The Android-powered Vertu Ti is finally official. It's hand-made in England and costs an arm and two legs.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2013Apparently youReading failed!

  • Anonymous

HOLY BONKERS! It's actually legitimately almost up to date?????

  • Anonymous

rynn, 13 Feb 2013Android King is here! this is not it. although they finally have a few up to date

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2013Who in the world wants a super-expensive laggy phone? Apparently you

  • Donbenie


  • rynn

Android King is here!

sapphire crystal glass phone. gorilla glass will look like paper comapered to this.

  • Ubuntu Takeover

PARAG B, 13 Feb 2013Oh! ITS TOO CHEAP 4 ME.Hi VERTU can u raise its price to atleast... moreYou may be joking but they do have a phone around that price. Look up the Vertu Python on youtube. Be amazed lol

  • Anonymous

Who in the world wants a super-expensive laggy phone?

Not bad, if it's price tag is $790. But not $7900.

  • EdB

A "luxury phone"? lol Anybody seen the keys to my Cadillac El Dorado? Cheezy

  • Anonymous

For an Android phone costing that much at least put a Krait quad core in it.

  • Cristal

This mobile is black

Oh! ITS TOO CHEAP 4 ME.Hi VERTU can u raise its price to atleast 790000 so that it matches my status.thank u 4 making such a beautiful phone ...

  • frogman

when u earn 20k a day like me u run out of things to spend money on. might get it as a business expense. will cost me nothing

  • Natalya

Why Android? Why? They should've just kept their old symbian OS coz those people who would buy such expensive device just wants to make a phone call and text message. Basically that's it. And for the other things, well rich people can't be bothered.

  • Anonymous

the design is cool and unique,
i wonder why people are hating this phone.

  • Hungry fox

These Bunch of Grapes are really very very sour.
Forget about it and stick to the phone which is common & offer much more than just Luxury. ie Sony Experia Z, Nokia Lumia 920, IPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Epstein

TheMan, 12 Feb 2013This proves that Nokia themselves know Android is much better th... moreDid you read the article? It clearly states there that they have parted ways with Nokia... duh...

  • toni

very ugly .. and so expensive ...maybe start store in moon ...