Vertu Ti is the company's first Android smartphone

12 February, 2013
The Android-powered Vertu Ti is finally official. It's hand-made in England and costs an arm and two legs.

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  • Anonymous

Jean.androidfan, 12 Feb 2013will be available in Lebanon at the official Vertu Store in Beirut :)R u ready to pay "an arm and a leg" like gsmarena calls 7500£
I am lebanese and I bet this will be so expensive nobody will buy it

  • Anonymous

I want one but can't afford it. lol

Seems more a PREDATOR, alien phone, than a human one

  • Nowonmai

Saw it was Vertu. Expected ugly and irrelevant, was not disappointed.

  • Anonymous

damdark, 12 Feb 2013yet there is a slight problem like "lambo or Ferrari are th... moreLook at the materials used. Quality ain't cheap.

Mmmmm nice. Whens my birthday

  • GSM

If other phones are human beings, this one is an "Alien".......

Looks ugly and sturdy!!

will be available in Lebanon at the official Vertu Store in Beirut :)

hand made and very premium, it is awesome and unique hope it gets jellybean soonly

  • damdark

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2013You're gonna lol at their face? Coz you can't afford it, you're ... moreyet there is a slight problem like "lambo or Ferrari are the one of the best cars Money can get. this phone on the other hand is far from good let alone best..."

  • Tiger

It almost looks like my portable alarm clocl.

This proves that Nokia themselves know Android is much better than their buggy WinLag.

  • Ubuntu Takeover

yeip, 12 Feb 2013Had you read about the services available to Vertu customers, yo... moreAndroid fans don't do that kind of actual research. All they care about is useless cores and the latest sweets update they don't even fully utilize.

This phone isn't for "those types".

This is much too classy for such people.

Nokia's (kinda') first Android phone :O Altough I can't afford it, I'd like to see a review for this phone. :)

  • Tiger

For that amount of money, one wonders whether the smartphone is bullet-proof :) lol

  • Ubuntu Takeover

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2013One should sell their house to buy this phone! hahaha!If your house costs $6800 then I'd love to see photos. Must be pretty small.

  • PS_TechGeek

This proves.. The world is filled with Wealthy Idiots..
No matter how wealthy I was.. I would never get it..
Simply because..I would be ashamed to pull it out of my pocket!
Pathetic Design.. and still on ICS..

  • Anonymous

whoo in the world will buy such an ugly phone at that price

  • thoseofunlight

If youwant to get dvorced you can buy yourself this phone then Show it your wife and smile :)... You will get divorced and plus the phone..

  • Denzo

Thats awesome.. Would love this phone.