Samsung Galaxy S4 to be unveiled on March 14 in New York

18 February, 2013
The latest Galaxy S smartphone from the smartphone market leader will be launched on March 14.

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Rodo.., 11 Mar 2013please need some it gona be quad core or 8core..which i... moreIt`s gonna be a Dual Quad Core:

1. One 1.2Ghz Quad Core CPU for light tasks like messaging, email reading, calling and so on. This one will save energy when raw performance is not needed.
2. One 1.8Ghz Quad Core CPU for heavier task like gaming, video editing and so on.

It`s not really a Octal Core, it`s 2 Quads put together. It`s supposed to have great power saving capabilities AND great performance. We`ll see if it`s true.

  • Nexusgeek

Patience is a virtue. 3 days more geeks

Thousands of printers all over the world who'd have to print the packaging and documentation must already know loads of the details. How can they cruelly keep this sort of information from eager fans!

  • Rodo..

please need some it gona be quad core or 8core..which is which ,,,coz i dont get it ,,some site show and confirm 4..some too 8..son which is which ..........

  • badar_173

oh God kindly let us know when this super mobile is releasing coz i can't wait anymore

Nice mobile

  • derfsram philippines

yeah i really like it it..where are now samsung s4...get it out now!!!! waitng for you!!

  • A.kyawar

from pakistan.the best phone i have ever seen the galaxy phones.

  • srgdr

oh. i sold ma samsung s iii device... waiting for this monster. love u samsung. grate phones i m a fan of galaxy s series. thanx

  • Themask007

Another beast coming

This has to releaze with dual sim facility. Dual sim is the need of the hour presently. All the users should adress and seek to use dueal sim since opportunities has arrised to have 2 mobile numbers.

  • MJsuperfan

Samsung always the best phone in the world. Can't wait to get my hands on it, it'll be epic!!!

  • Anonymous

Ascend P1, 21 Feb 2013This Huawei Ascend model is better!. ;) moreNot even close. Nice, but not as good or even close to better

  • Ascend P1

This Huawei Ascend model is better!. ;)

  • ST-Ericsson POWER

  • Anonymous

i am eagerly wanting for Samsung s4 but very much dis appoint with s3 body shape and back cover compare iPhone and htc phone and Nokia i am expiating Samsung s4 will be much better body and shape compare to s3 and expiating good colors also

  • axe

box143, 20 Feb 2013I agree. I am one of the person to CURSE Samsung if SGS4 wil... moreyeah as much as i like the galaxy s series , i would have to pass if it is plastic again ...better move on to xperia z or htc one

  • FormerSammyFanboy

I am a previous S2 owner and tested the S3. I have to say the build quality wasn't as much of an upgrade as I had hoped. Still that cheap plastic material. It is durable but doesn't feel like a flagship. The likes of HTC, Sony and Apple know how to make a flagship, look and fell like a flagship. When did it become necessary to have 8 cores too? I understand the argument why not? but why? Does Jelly Bean require that much processing power? I thought software upgrades where meant to require less processing power allowing the phone to run smoother. If I'm mistaken tell me? Just boggles my mind. I am not a fanboy, was a big sammy fanboy for years but that changed with the S3.

Eldhogk7, 20 Feb 2013Exynos is not a fast processor compare to other. The dual core A... morePlease, i could not get the meaning of your divine language.
can you please tell me in simple english what you wish to say and how it related

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2013Please dont make cheap PLASTIC phone again. The WORLD will CU... moreI agree.

I am one of the person to CURSE Samsung if SGS4 will be out with CHEAP looking POLYCARBONATE PLASTIC.

I wanted a METALLIC or GLASS body or casing.