HTC One goes official with 4.7" 1080p screen, quad-core CPU

19 February, 2013
HTC One, the company's latest flagship, is now official - top-notch specs and new Sense UI inside.

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Just present ordered mine in silver on phones for u. £31 a month, comes with £250 pioneer wireless speaker, ur beats headphones and a flip case/stand. This phone ticks all the boxes although I would like a bigger screen :-/

  • Anonymous

Only thing missing is a micro ad card.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2013really?4mp camera?..hahaha...seriously? im wondering if you can read and understand what you are is not just 4 megapixels dude! were talking about ULTRAPIXELS! try to do a research LOL!

  • dj akki

i want 2 know the price of the htc one mobile and the date of which mobiles come to the gallery plz help

  • Anonymous

Don't you think more than one phone should have been presented there - what happened to the M4 and G2 ?..

  • Anonymous

Ambie, 19 Feb 2013I was with HTC Sensation... WORST H/S EVER & even WORSE CUST... moreI'm still with Sensation, and it's one of the best devices i ever i really don't know what are you talking about!
And looking forward to upgrade to this has all i need and more than that!

touch311, 20 Feb 2013Hey! HTC one. pls come early this march n dont be too late. if S... moreHTC ONE will launch March, earlier than S4. The situation isn't for Samsung's favor..

Last year one X and S3 was launched almost the same time. This year HTC has the upperhand. If S4 which being launched in April was indeed better than ONE in some details, HTC can always counter that with ONE+!!
They have advantages over Samsung this year.

It is The Best smartphone for now !!! Premium
built quality , blazing fast processor , elegant
design , designed for arm grip size (neither
too big nor too small), amazing camera,
new and lighter sense ui, and the battery which more than enough for daily use.

As you can see htc butterfly 2020 mah battery test, it gets very respectable 45h score. This is
better than xperia z, because htc uses lithium polymer battery. 2300 mah lithium polymer is equal with 2900 mah lithium ion.

  • Anonymous

HTC should have gone with 64gb / 128gb versions instead of 32/64.. Soon i believe iphone 5s will have 128gb versions.. if HTC copy by then .. its too late!!

Maybe they release a One + ... with 128gb .. when everyone already got their phones..

  • Saw089

Looks sweet

  • HTC4Ever

SAMSUNG .... get ready to rumble ;)

  • touch311

Hey! HTC one. pls come early this march n dont be too late. if S4 or z come at the same time, it'll be a hard choice for consumers. because s3 still popular around here.

  • Danielson

HTC announced they are teaming up with Apple in Q4.

  • Anonymous

ole, 20 Feb 2013I've lost my hope on HTC with their previous flagman HTC ONE X. ... morewhat was wrong with it?

design is so smilar with iphone 5 .. but i thnk xperia z has a better design on the outside.

  • mordecai

marleymadcell, 20 Feb 2013oh c'mon that looks just like the z10 with the same combination ... morebb z10 also looks a bit like the htc windows phone 8s

  • deeboy.

U guys make me sick. Are u illiterates or u just can't read in between the lines? It's a ultraPIXEL camera not megapixel anymore. You shoud wait to see camera samples befor ranting.

This bad Boy must undoubtedly outweigh s4 in numerous ways....heard someone say s4 will launch with "snapdragon 800" are u kid or just kidding? What will they do with exynos-5?

I hate cheap builds with faked untrue colors,
Lookin at this ONE, Flaunting its 1080p screen with ultrapixel camera, Oh my goodness.....yes this indeed is the king. this will indeed make perfect sense with sense ui 5. Thumbs up htc.

  • Anonymous

cyborg, 20 Feb 2013A monster phone with killer features.. No one can stand before ... morereally?4mp camera?..hahaha...

  • Common_636

Killer Droid, 20 Feb 20132013 Best Smart phone current ranking 1- tied between Htc One... moreI too appreciate the USB on the GO feature, which my next phone must have

  • Killer Droid

2013 Best Smart phone current ranking

1- tied between Htc One and Xperia Z
2- Lg obtimus G pro
3- Black berry Z10

For now. Samsung,Nokia and Apple will be dropping they flaship smartphone also. 2013 will be a big year mobile, but for now personnaly i did not see something that would make me upgrade from my S3 beacause Both Htc on and Xperia Z don't offer me replaceble battery, Usb on the..... I have a second battery for my S3 and i use usb on the go every day to read my file on my usb key when i go to school/home/work. Also i have a 32 and 64 Gb micro sd card. they would become obsolute if i use the Htc one. Xperia Z and Htc one are not for me!!!!

  • Common_636

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2013Where in the article does it mention Apple, or are you just anot... moreI'll take another angry hater for $500