Samsung Galaxy S IV said to pack SoLux screen and Qualcomm CPU

23 February, 2013
The highly-anticipated Samsung flagship is expected to break cover next month.

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  • poopascupa

droopy, 23 Feb 2013Samsung galaxy s4 is by far the best phone 2013. Hope samsung re... moreYou haven't even seen it to make any judgements on the phone. There's no AMOLED screen and they aren't even using their own processor.

  • Something

EosAkroyiali, 27 Feb 2013AMOLED displays are FAR from bright! I've seen a Galaxy S2 and S... moreWell that is probably because AMOLED (Active Matrix Organix Light Emittin Diode) display is not like LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). AMOLED display has a way wider contrast ratio and does not require a light source or any panes of glass. AMOLED screens consist of a thin layer of organic polymers that light up when zapped with an electric current. AMOLED displays can produce black so deep that the pixels can shut right off, so on AMOLED displays keeping your background close to black will save energy.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2013funny to see bunch of kids here crying for Amoled display and oc... moreAMOLED displays are FAR from bright! I've seen a Galaxy S2 and S3 at the highest brightness and they still looked pretty dim compared to my lame old Optimus at the lowest brightness setting! However, power consumption may be an issue! On the other hand my Samsung HD LED monitor looks pretty bright even in the lowest power saving modes! Wonder why can't they make their AMOLED/OLED screens brighter while offering power savings!

  • Limpperi

That doesn't seem to fit in the leaked cases. Phone in pic is long and thin while case is short and wide

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2013Best durable = MOTOrola,HTC Best design = NOKIA,SONY Best ... morehow has samsung been using the same design and you've failed to recognize that APPLE has YET to change the iphone's design at all. why don't you compare the first galaxy to the s3, and compare the first iphone to the iphone 5.

  • Anonymous

funny to see bunch of kids here crying for Amoled display and octa core soc
1) both displays are good as they known for better saturation, contrast,viewing angles etc.i would prefer SOLUX
2)Octa core doesnt use its 8 cores simultaneously ,either one of Four A15 or A7 cores will be active always.its just meant for reduce battery consumption, and snapdragon 600 will reduce the fragmentation too so i would prefer S600.

  • Dhrupad

SoLux is a patented light source that provides an unparalleled replication of natural daylight. Use of SoLux in many of the world's top museums including the Musee d'Orsay, Van Gogh, and Guggenheim Museum is testament to its unmatched color quality. SoLux also has eight times the life and twice the efficiency of standard incandescent sources, does not contain the mercury found in fluorescent lights sources, and is a fraction of the cost of LED sources.

  • Krishnakumar

I am using SIII I dont think there will be much difference between S3 & S4 . But we need more application to be lauched in the Samsung Market

  • Anonymous

Hello samsung..Please take note..
The Qualcomm Snapdragon is always hot during gaming.

Once the new "Dragon" fire out the fireflame from his mouth ..
we all concern will it melt da plastic too..

  • Anonymous

year 2013 is year of "BEST BUILD" and not "BEST tech" anymore....

  • Anonymous

Best durable = MOTOrola,HTC

Best design = NOKIA,SONY

Best show off = of course APPLE

Best UGLY look = need say the word anymore.
all people tired of the same uncle "Sammy" design.

  • Anonymous

Tiger, 23 Feb 2013You're absolutely right about the removable battery and it's the... moreI have been using feature phones since 1995 and smartphone since 2006 and i do not have any spare batteries. I don't see the needs for removable batteries actually.

  • Anonymous

zsq, 23 Feb 2013When will samsung get design? All their phones are dirty cheap.. -.-I have no issue with cheap. just that most of their designs look similar and lack creativity. Samsung is good in spec and the best speed beast. but when coming to build quality, refined design and innovation, i think it needs to boost up a lot in order to totally own 99% of the market.

  • Anonymous

i may change to samsung if it is not using AMOLED. :)

if it keeps to AMOLED, i will continue to avoid samsung phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2013so many hating trolls. take down the biggest tree in the forest ... morenow samsung fanboys feel the heat of the haters. last time i remember in Apple page, lots of haters. that's what Apple fan felt previously

  • Heshman

If the galaxy s IV has snapdragon and not exynos 5 with mali 658 there is no big reason to get it over the htc one or the sony xperia z....

  • Anonymous

so many hating trolls. take down the biggest tree in the forest is whats going on here. first they didn't become this sucessful by making cheap, low quality, over priced phones. they are sucessful because they make innovative, high quality products. that is why htc,sony,moto,hawaii?,zit,and other chinese knockoff companies don't even mount to the same market share as good ol Samsung! Samsung has been making phones longer than anybody else. included apple, excluding sony.

  • Qammy

mini me, 24 Feb 2013I don't know way, but I have the inpression that the next galaxy... morelol so do i. although i hope nt. i thnk thyre gng to mke the same mistake as apple. apple always were the innovaters and had best specs. nw luk at thm iphone 5.... need i say mre lol

iosuck, 24 Feb 2013After 2 yrs, your phone is useless anyway. Metal or plastic is t... moreAH
I did use XDA II for 5 years. It did its job well for me as IT official on the move.

  • spino

Samsung should improve on the physical properties of their products. I have the galaxy s 3 and in less than one year the phone has lost it's beauty. The screen is already shattered from a small fall. The back cover also is in a bad shape. As samsung is looking at improving the software in the S4 they should also work on the hardware for a more qualitative product.