Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 goes official with S Pen on board

23 February, 2013
The compact slate will be available worldwide in Q2 of this year. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]or samsung just wants the galaxy note family to look the same? Hench galaxy note family?

and ugly duckling? dude its just a tablet, its neither ugly or pretty... I hope u dont go around seeing things and go "ewww its ugly" like a little girl.

I dont see the purpose in making a 8 inch note. What is the target market?

  • SC

Missing Flash light and nfc

mw, 24 Feb 2013I wonder if you can make phone calls over cellular data, after a... moreOf course. That model is the GT-5100. It will be available only outside of the USA. In the US, it will be the WIFI only model, GT-5110 and maybe a 3G model but it will not have Phone function (due to dumazzz carriers)

I wonder if you can make phone calls over cellular data, after all it looks like a blown up galaxy note 2.

Sgs advance, 24 Feb 2013I know android is great, but still ipad mini looks betterNope. I like the shape of the Note 8 better.

  • uu

[deleted post]this avtually looks great in landscape :D
i want to see this in person..
i think this will make me love it in the same way that when i saw s3 and note2 in pics, i dont like them but when i actually hold such, then im sold :D

  • noteworthy

[deleted post]I am a true Samsung fan, but I won't be biased,this thing looks like an ugly duckling, don't pretend that it has looks, its like their not even trying, or is it that they are trying to avoid another lawsuit from a certain fruit hmmmmmmm.

  • gary

did i just read IR?? infrared.. reminds me of remote control software in nokia 6600.. nice..

  • Sgs advance

I know android is great, but still ipad mini looks better

I like the fact that this time Samsung went back to the PHONE UI, like the Original Galaxy Tab 7, rather than a TABLET UI. I will SURELY be getting this beast on launch day!


ISJ5, 24 Feb 2013now copying ipad mini.Samsung was in the smaller tablet market before Apple. If anything, Apple copied Samsung releasing the smaller iPad mini.

Prkx, 24 Feb 2013And galaxy tab copied the original ipad....And orignal "isuckpad" copied the orignal GALAXY TAB ....haa...haaaa haaaa.... go troll GTFO . this is samsungs area no on will listen to u .u r wasting ur time here and a big LOLOLLLLL....

  • Anonymous

The next Galaxy Note 4 (June 2014) will have a 7.5-inch screen.

And where exactly are the speakers located?

  • Anonymous

The ugliest tablet from Samsung! Most of its fomer tablets look great like tab 7.7, 10.1, ... but this one really sucks.

Samsung is not innovating yet. I hope we see some good things in the very near future

[deleted post]And galaxy tab copied the original ipad....

  • Me

The low pixel density is a bit of a let down

Definitely copying
As usual.....