Mobile World Congress 2013 coverage

24 February, 2013
The place to get the latest news and updates, hot from the MWC 2013 showroom floor.

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  • oilA

is there any GLX phone?
only GLX.....

  • Anonymous

what about jolla?

  • jigsaw

Awesome class of piece by LG. Optimus g rpo rockin'.

  • Anonymous

LG Optimus G pro become the top-1 in all smartphone in MWC 2013 Barcelona, Spain.

  • Anonymous

how about the P770? Any update? When will it come to Europe and the rest of the world?

  • Anonymous

no galaxy ace 3 #verybad

  • Moto_Fan

No any News about Motorola X phone or other Motorola product.What the Hell Google is waiting for ?

  • drugi

whether the Nexus 10 will be at MWC?

  • Gagan

Where is BB and Apple?

why no news from htc and apple? does apple not take part in mwc 2013?

the only phone to recon with acc to me is HTC ONE..(for tech geeks)

  • JoM

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2013samsung like not much thing to present during MWC. lack of ideas? their marketing strategy.

  • Anonymous

samsung like not much thing to present during MWC. lack of ideas?

  • Anonymous

People have become crap these days to use plastic crap if you really asteroid(android)fan I guess HTC is better coz they have better quality than uncle Sammy second HTC brought asteroids to this world uhmmm for me I use Lumia it is true that HTC windows to this world in phones but I sacrifice picking up HTC,windows to Nokia windows Nokia has even,better build quality so why people don't pick,android HTC more than uncle Sammy I mean it is not worthy to drop HTC android over uncles Sammy which,is wrinkle plastic body

  • Sid

DGAF, 26 Feb 2013As an Avid Samsung fan i don't get why they use plastic. I pray ... moreYeah there's no way they're not going to use plastic lol

  • DGAF

As an Avid Samsung fan i don't get why they use plastic. I pray that the S4 will have a better build quality. Although judging by their sales the plastic isn't doing them any harm

  • U_m_add

tm, 25 Feb 2013Tell me then why all iPhones I see are in plastic or silicone covers?Tell me why samsung with plastic, silicon or metal cover ?

  • Anonymous

dosky, 26 Feb 2013where is bb?looooooooooool

  • dosky

where is bb?

  • Anonymous

pls the silly comments not all people want a mac or i phone and just cant afford it allot of people just cant stnad the closed up platform me for one would never buy a i phone i would never buy an i phone or a mac for myself and i have the money but its good for the kids

  • Hmm

akki499, 25 Feb 2013people buy Samsung coz they can't afford an iPhone and a Mac to ... moreMan you talk some crap..............