HTC Tiara gets tipped with Windows Phone 8 GDR2

26 February, 2013
The upcoming WP8 smartphone packs similar specifications to the Android sporting HTC One SV.

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  • sadmanh

I generally like HTC's, but they really need to get a grip on their naming scheme. As if any guy would ever say "I just bout a tiara", "my tiara is blazing fast", "let me show you my new tiara!" See what I mean?

  • Anonymous

Still no sign of WP8 devices with hardware keyboards yet. Looks like BlackBerry is still the way to go.

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't buy an Android Nokia phone. That OS is fragmented, malware infested and force closes everywhere.

  • Satanic_Redneck

With a phone with specs like this, why not just get an iPhone?

I detest Apple as much as the next guy... but these WP8 offerings are sad.

  • jeff

how about the application for this windows phone...

  • Anonymous

im pretty sure if n e one wants a windows phone best choice nokia that said nobody wants windows phone unless ur simple minded nokia needs to stop putting eggs in one basket cause i no allot of people would buy a android nokia hope they decide to use jolla or ubuntu

  • Arif

Woah! This is hot! Windows Phone still has a long way to go in terms of software. Hardware is perfect; this is a bad utilisation of hardware by Microsoft.

  • lover

Fugly phone

  • canada

Guys do you advise using the new flagship HTC One over Sony's new flagship Xperia Z ?