Court rules Apple is to pay $330K a day over Facetime patents

28 February, 2013
The company is charged $330K for every day it delays reaching a licensing agreement on the patents.

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  • Al

what did Apple say infringement on small things, but it did infringe on those knowingly then.
If its small or big, if its patented and registered , then you have to pay for the copyright.
And facetime and imessage is a big thing in Apple products, something that people thing is owned and created by Apple.

o_0 infringements here, there...just don't copy or if you do, admit it and don't call it your own.

  • Mycommentsnevershow

'Innovative' Apple caught infringing yet again. Note they copied actual tech rather than some frivolous 'rectangle with round edges' non-innovation that they usually come up with.

Good fi Apple. Serve dem right.

Good fi dem.

  • Daz


Rebranding is not invention.