MWC 2013: what we saw and what we didn't see coming

28 February, 2013
As we say goodbye to yet another edition of the Mobile World Congress, here's what caught our eye.

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  • Cha

I'm hoping that nokia r&d team is busy trying to figure out a way to suspend that monster 808 cam module onto the floating lens mechanism of the l920. They do that and they can sit back, grab some popcorn and watch that beast obliterate anything in it's path that claims to be a converged image and video capturing device


  • mrbiglv

Thanks GSM ! Great cover !

  • jason

kinda dull event this year, nothing with that surprising WOW factor, all the big players are defiantly shying away from MWC in favor of their own more in depth premier announcements rather then just a section of the show, was looking forward to seeing some cool new tech, i am waiting for the galaxy 4 and already knew it would not be shown here, but i was expecting a high end lumia with pureview tech as per rumours circulating, this show is more for the smaller companies now. 2 more weeks till i decide where my money goes, galaxy 4, or experia Z

  • Art

What happened to high-end Lumia for Verizon? An Pure View 41M Lumia?

guys already bench mark of s4 has emerged.... oops..wish microsoft partnered samsung...imagine 8 core processor, 16 mp camera, 2 gb ram..64 gb rom.. and amoled screen with 1080p..5.5" screen gorilla glass 3.. and windows 8 system..
than outdated double core, 1gb ram, 16gb/32 gb with no sd support.. lumia 920 chapter as premium is over...i feel that the price of nokia w8 device should be reduced to 1/10th of present., to enable to compete with chinese android..
hats off samsung i really appreciate your work.. i( die hard fan of nokia)bows to accept nokia is dead.. wish to move with ur s4... planning to change from n8 to s4..


nothing new like last year pure view...
useless nokia... htc made mock of itself...
time to say no to nokia and cha cha(bye-bye) to htc...
mwc made the market as samsung vs. apple.. no third smart( i mean real top smart/ premium)phone makers...
nokia trying to retain its low cost devices(only that is left out..s4/ iphone next will push it down to earth) and
of course i did see a new turn around -The Chinese manufactures are keen to make htc. to bite dust by offering premium featured devices at throw away prices..
samsung and apple will be least concerned as they r the present leaders with no competition..

Mwc goes successful with hard working and good effort and also Sweet gsm arena thanks too always u be great and no 1 love u all gsm arena team..


  • z

kind of boring if you ask me. not much of "wow" devices or things