Google admits current Motorola devices not up to their standards

01 March, 2013
The company is currently trying to drain their product pipeline before working on the next wave of devices.

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  • Anonymous

RAZR M is a proper size for a phone. Please release it with a good screen and good hardware, and in EUROPE!! Tired of this trend of phablet phones in order to get good hardware. I want a phone in my pocket not frying pan!

Jimmiray, 01 Mar 2013I think motorola makes some of the most capable phones going. De... moreTotally true, I Just bought Razr XT910 2+ years old model and I am totally happy with it and feeling comfortable and strong among new stuff around and even surpassing some with the super thin stylish design and even with performance, and I sure I will stay like this at least for one more year ;)

  • Anonymous

Nexus razr will come......only time will tell

  • farbror Frej

I wish Google/Nexus/Motorola all the best, but as long as the wrongheadedly combine max 16GB memory with no external SD-card support, I remain cold. If these google-guys absolutely MUST continue ditching SD-card support, then at least release a mobiles with 32GB storage. And while Im at it - dont be a skinflint then it comes to video-codec support. Any top-of-the-line smartphone should have the works: MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263 support - just like the Samsung galaxy S3. I hate being forced to convert movies just in order to play them.

  • RicAndroid

It would be interesting to see what Google comes up with once they deplete that pipeline. The ultimate Nexus made completely by Google?

I think motorola makes some of the most capable phones going. Despite how they look they'll do an excellent job and last me much longer than others i've owned...S3

  • lol

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2013wow.Actually Motorolas build quality has been poor. They used so... lol

  • Kurukuku

Motorola is always known for it's durability and quality. Samsung? First part to go is always "flex cable". Same with Nokia. I know, I work in one of the biggest telecom companies in Asia. Flex cable. Flex Cable. Flex cable.

  • Adomas

I hate the look of motorola user interface. Its just way too ugly.

I, as a Hello Moto fan do agree, have been forced to use other brands thus far. I am therefore seriously looking forward to the Droid Nexus or Razr Nexus... which ever name they decide to go with.

  • Hassan

It's good to raise the bar, but hey google dudes, the recent Moto's really are up to the game.

I'm running Raxr Maxx for 8 month now, and I can tell you that I badly wish to upgrade, but not finding anything in market worth to drop my Maxx. Good dispplay (not best), fair processor, fair memory, and I had zero issue, not a single hang or restart, and who the hell in market can run 2 full days of intense usage without need a recharge? Moto's supercharged only.

  • Anonymous

Giva moto a chance to shine again.

The razr maxx is the beauty armor and we belieave moto can doit
Again with next google nexus.
We don want plastic junk flooded in the market.

  • Anonymous

wow.Actually Motorolas build quality has been poor. They used some of the cheapest components and stuffed that into mediocre cover.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2013Google if you want build a great phone you have to pick the best... moreThe HTC One has a 4.7 inch screen.

  • Anonymous

Google if you want build a great phone you have to pick the best hardware from best competitor for example.

- 4.8" super LCD 1080p HTC I one of the best screen if it's not the best .

- The bigger battery from moto. 3000Mah.

- Sony BSI camera sensor with bigger sensor and some Nokia pure view tech even though if you bay for Nokia.

-The phone build by HTC same build quality as HTC one.

- Chipset and GPU made by ARM specially build for nexus (no more Samsung chipset)

Finally the most important point is Software optimization and please Google let the hardware take the advantage of software like IPhone and galaxy's.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2013What standard are u want google? I feel the razr maxx is much b... moreHey Google, whatever u do please make sure you provide multimedia headsets in the next Android version with play/pause and forward/rewind options like even the damn ol Nokias had decades back! I mean the Android headset really seems a joke, just 1 damn button u gotta be kiddin? While there are some apps which can sort of simulate a multimedia headset on Android, it's nowhere near the real thing and the clicking routine is extremely annoying! Android maybe 1 of the most advanced mobile OSes in the world, but, it still lacks some pretty basic n essential features such as this!

  • Erick

It is hoped that in the process of introducing new devices they do not abandon Motorola's standards of build quality which have been among the best (eg Kevlar and carbon fibre materials). They also with the MAXX launched a smartphone with a 3300 battery providing class leading endurance. I appreciate their wish to raise the game. Clearly LG's Nexus 4 has ruffled a few feathers.

  • Anonymous

What standard are u want google?
I feel the razr maxx is much better than the pathetic crap galaxys2...the quality like shit and design was terrible too.
Motorola never leave build quality behind.

That why the world belieave moto still " king of durability"...

Come on....give moto a chance to proove.....

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2013That's exactly what they DON'T want to do. In fact the Motorola ... moreThats true Android is becoming synonymous with SAmsung and thats what Google dont want.

I have never had any trouble with Moto phones great build quality,signal strength just cam/vidoe record not so good...My first 3g phone was Moto A835 with about 4 hrs battery life.

Adonay Smyth, 01 Mar 2013 Is Good, models is beat long.EH ?