Reminder: Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement live

13 March, 2013
Samsung is live streaming the Galaxy S IV premiere from New York today and the event is just about to start.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2013reading these comments is like watching a bad soap opera, why no... moreit was a soap opera

  • zzz

I dont know what you guys are crying about. sure its a same/similar design but it has better internals.
surely u guys didnt get the galaxy s3 for its design so why are u guys pouting.
I dont really mind the design, sure it would have been better with a new refreshed design but hey, it is the same size as the galaxy s3 and for a 5 inch phone that is an accomplishment. Bigger battery, mettalic sides, 13 megapixel camera, tight dimensions, dual sim, octacore processor. what else do u guys want?
find a phone with that specs and then come cry about it. Samsung fan? no im a smart buyer. i have a galaxy s3 and an iphone 5 so dont go whinging.

  • FAIL

Apple take there launches more seriously. This was just bad to the point were people left the show (prob going to apple store get iPhone 5) Seriously that stupid kid tap dancing. The host and his bad acting and jokes. The women. All they talked about how awesome this phones going to be. Sorry Samsung. You really stuffed this up. If anything ill be moving on to the next iPhone cause of this fail. Least apple put effort into there design and isn't cheap plastic. Apple must not feel that the threat is gone cause if this. Samsung 0 - Apple 1

Seriously haters??

The SGS4 has:
a lot better, bigger, sharper screen
is smaller thinner and lighter than the SGS3
reportedly has better build quality,
has twice the 3G download speed (DC-HSDPA),
Has double the RAM and processor power,
will have a lot better battery life,
looks a lot better than pebble blue with the carbon look
has a lot of software features and upgrades
has a lot better camera....


In the early 2000's it was nokia that was top dog and copped the haters, in the late 2000's it was apple, now the Galaxy is top of the pile the haters are after it. HATE AWAY PEOPLES, it only brings more press and drives sales higher.

ps i will be keeping my note 2 until i see the note 3. (a 5" screen is to small for me)

I dont think any sgs3 user will upgrade, that was big disappointment.

  • Killer Droid

??, 15 Mar 2013"but with a better casing, better screen, better processor&... moreLol you got him!!!

where are you sammy boys, must be embarrassed to show up after this series of embarrassment

  • Anonymous

just watched a circus show.

  • IamBack

killer droid, 15 Mar 2013Samsung officially killed it!!!POINT-BlanK !!!! Exactly what I was thinKinG !!!! The lil bit of Enthusiasm that many had (thanks to Youtube) was RUTHLESSLY Killed by Samsungs DUMB Presentation.

Undoubtedly the WORST Presentation of all times !!! The WORST of the TECHNO World..

Apple & NOKIA must be Laughing their *** Out :))

  • ??

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2013with all these samsung fan boys saying this is going to be the b... more"but with a better casing, better screen, better processor"

What else could have been better?

  • Anonymous

with all these samsung fan boys saying this is going to be the biggest thing to happen to the phone since the phone came out in the 1800's this is a huge disappointment. It's pretty much the s3, but with a better casing, better screen, better processor. I think samsung fanboys are a disappointed, but won;t have the guts to say it here.

  • Anonymous

JFtech, 15 Mar 2013Got to give it to Samsung though, this is a better "show&qu... morefail.

This is just downright embarrassment. The host seem to have forgotten his line at times, and shuddering. This is literally a show, not a presentation. I feel sorry for the 2 guys that had to host this damn thing. Blackberry did a much better presentation.

  • IamBack

Complete BULLSHIT !!!! Why Was SAMSUNG Trying So HARD to Make a GRAND Fool Out Of Themselves ?? Cant Believe I WASTED my time over this utter NON-Sense :( The B's never Talked about the Processor or Chipset....... All I Heard was Galaxy this, Galaxy that, how great it is n how Mind Blowing it is !!!! BULLSHIT !!!

  • anonymous

Show was lame, phone is AWESOME.

  • karan

i just saw the Samsung unpacked 2013..

The Galaxy sIV is Amazing... ;)

what happen to the dual sim feature

  • Anonymous

This is the most ridiculous launch ever.

When that kid was tap dancing - roll my eyes.
The guy's weak jokes - roll my eyes
All those old women - roll my eyes

Get on with the damn phone already.

Floating touch is probably the only useful app.

Whoops!!!! The event just finished!!!

#wastemydamntime #decisionmade #htcone

guys people are leaving the show,ha ha ha

  • Anonymous

The features WOW'ed me ... but nothing practical.

Karim-ps, 15 Mar 2013am i watching an electronics show or a circus show, epic fail man i love this what a clusmy show,there are a lot of new software tweaks and features,for sure but look at the cheesy design,the samsung fan boys will like oh my god is this what we we are waiting for?Korean design is the worst,lg is an exception sometimes,look at hyundai,kia,or any korean design,its not up there.