Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 images surface

14 March, 2013
A Chinese website has leaked images of a dual-SIM variant of Samsung's upcoming flagship.

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i laugh at those who make fun at plastic back cover.. i mean what's the big deal?? phone with scratch problem and using 90% of its lifetime inside bulkey cases? or cover which you can change anytime and even take out battery when you get stalled somewhere. samsung gave us cellphone with beautiful cover meantime beautiful design. and who cares its plastic or metal. looks professional anyway.

  • Tiger

The photo's look more like the Nexus 4
So, shouldn't worry too much lol

if this is true i cant take this.. the designer seems so confused with his design. Sony has elevated its game in terms of product design aesthetics, what about you Samsung?

Samsung's "Hyper Bright Display" patent got refused......


  • Knupz

I adore Samsung phone for its simple design and endurance. But for this flagship phone, I think the design should be newer and different. This phone just looks like my phone, Galaxy Ace 2, in a wider screen. However, if it comes back about endurance, Samy still gets my two thumbs up. :)

  • Imti.

not an eye catching one like s3 or s2.

  • kir

I am hoping for a dedicated shutter button

Shitsung, 14 Mar 2013Aluminium is cheap, but not as cheap as a plastic bucket.Why are the people crabby about using plastic? They want metal phones they can go for gold plated phones they do have a choice there, they want good looks they can choose some other OEM’s expensive junk. I’ll too be disappointed if this is the actual design but it is what it is. Smartphone users will still buy it, including me because performance should always be a top priority for a real smartphone user. Teenage kids trying to show off their phones, doesn’t seem to make any sense to me at all. Samsung is the top manufacturer for a reason, the reason is they produce, they do innovate and it doesn’t matter what dimwitted people criticize about it.

wow, it's silm and light weight. Excellent Design...

Damien Lord, 14 Mar 2013I guess you must try https://www.continentalmobiles.com/ to get ... moreAluminium is cheap, but not as cheap as a plastic bucket.

  • Killer Droid

For real i think that's a remade of the S3 that suppose to hit store after S4 realese!!!

I guess you must try https://www.continentalmobiles.com/ to get tough metal phones if you hate plastic. If you really want a good looking expensive junk, try Vertu phones. Samsung is not for kids like you. It's for real users who love performance. And what’s inside that matter. You can complain about Samsung using plastic but you’d never criticize Apple using cheap aluminum? Aah, that shows how smart you’re to use a smartphone.

For an S3 owner this won't be a good option.
Others can opt for it. But still design is not the best.

  • elmaicouy

asterisk, 14 Mar 2013Where is NFC??? S4 will have an NFC so.... is a cheap chinese phone.Read well... the battery says: "Near Field Communication" or whats the same: N.F.C. ....

for me its not bad design.. you will feel it when you see both xperia z, htc one, galaxy s4 all in your hand. there you'll feel difference

  • Anonymous

most likely a fake image....it looks like my galaxy ace 2 (my opinion), with a larger screen, and ace 2 just a mid range phone, not the flagship....but I don't mind if s4 will actually look like that, it's not the most beautiful design, but still looks nice
oh and I'm not a samsung fan, really, I also have xperia ray

gazakidd, 14 Mar 2013i used to think that these comment sections were over-run with f... morelol lol

  • gazakidd

i used to think that these comment sections were over-run with fanBOYS.
but it seems i was wrong.
with all the "lol" going on it must be fanGIRLS.
lil schoolgirls are the only ones who use LOL that much!!

  • asterisk

Where is NFC??? S4 will have an NFC so.... is a cheap chinese phone.

  • Anonymous

This is a Chinese copy not original Samsung phone