Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official with new screen and CPU

15 March, 2013
The Samsung flagship sports a 5" 1080p Super AMOLED display, 8-core CPU and a 13MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

More solid plastic now, and more features than any other phone... Nothing bad except the show. Why hate? This phone will smoke the other androids all-around. iphone need not even apply...

  • Anonymous

tee.jay, 15 Mar 2013Poor samdung fanboys asking it as a totally new y... moreTo be fair it's actually smaller than S3 in all 3 dimensions...

same old boring design.. come raging crapsung fanboy :) wheres your out of the world phone

[deleted post]lol the same old plastic?

C'mon Sammy fans reach out and brag now that the phone leaks were false and this is not s4
Mind you we are paying for quality
Just have a look at One or Xperia z
Shameful on part of Samsung
I was waiting to see s4 and this thing doesn't look gud COMPARATIVELY.
It's shame that they know how to market and sell
Obviously it will sell huge but I don't care because when someone asks me which phone I own , I won't reply that I own a phone which sells in millions
Huh poor designers best marketing company

Bundle of instruments
Trying to impose these instruments on humans
Unnecessary to many features where a normal user doesn't need it
After a year or two Samsung will bring all instruments in mobile which are used in cockpit
Hell too much

  • Anonymous

What a fail. This time it's gonna be HTC party

  • Anonymous

the haters really need to check out the features on this phone, i just saw the live opening on youtube and it has the best features compared to htc or sony z...

GS4 might not win a design award, but it will win the smartphone award, because of what it can do.

The design also looks like an S3 or note 2, but if i liked my S3 why would i hate it? Its the inside that counts the most, plus theres always fancy protective covers to use right?

  • SaEL

crapsung all the way :)

I dont think any sgs3 user will upgrade, that was big disappointment, hype was just a hype

  • Hi

The a15 will run at 1.2GHz and the a7 will run at 1.8GHz not the other way around.

The Unpacked event didn't mention the chip! How come? It also said "Episode 1" - when is the next episode coming?

dissapointed no dual sim feature

omg i am really impressed with the new techs and the new innovations had been took place in this giant smartphone its really amazing and fit and satisfy all your daily needs,,, till now no smartphone could hit and cross your thought and imagination board as the S4, where are you Nokia #2 = Apple from this technology and the revolutionary techs ,,, Amazing phone with all details ,,, Thanks you Samsung

LOL @ the people who said chinese sources are fake.....completely redisigned piece

  • con

So here you go people - the new plastic shitsung galaxy s4!
Haha, sammy is so uncreative that its even sad.
Htc one for me, please.

I will go for htc one!

Samsung just steal features from other companies.
They made something lke htc zoe WTF!!!!
Also plastic poor built quality
Same design
People need new design and new features not just bigger screen
Waste of money
Going to buy htc one the best phone.

  • PDCiprian

what do u want more from a phone?

  • nab

appearance wise its only a smaller note two