Motorola X not a phone, but a brand to rival the Galaxy lineup

16 March, 2013
Rumor has it the first smartphone of the X line-up is expected to be announced at the Google I/O 2013

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droopy, 16 Mar 2013Google is in wrong direction here. They bought motorola mobile a... moreSorry at the same time Samsung focus on the Software Bada and Tizen. No man sorry this is time for Google to show that without Google, Samsung could not lead and Moto being Google property, they can rule over any company in the market.

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2013define ugly please Okay first of all I don't agree with you. Motorola is not ugly the original Razr was sex and best selling phone. The Android Razr series are still beautiful and best build quality but did not sell like the Galaxy S series.

But here Moto doesn't stand on his own Google is there to relaunch the company with the X phone. I will ask you to wait and see what Google will bring for us. Not Samsung, Sony, HTC or LG will be able to beat Motorola and Google because if Moto did rule in USA with the Droid, Droid X, what about Google and Moto combined or together?

Motorola X phone coming soon...

  • sub mery lun pay

onething i love about google there phones are the best phones in market with very reasonable price. the other companies charge 3 times more for the samething. the only hard part is you can only buy the from from google and have to wait ....but its worth waiting for because google phones are best using nexus four and cant wait for x phone....

Google is in wrong direction here. They bought motorola mobile and now they do not sales a single unit. Even were forced to close china HQ of motorola. I recommend google on focus on open source android to ALL manufacturers, and reduce fragmentation by forcing manufacturers to use SAME bootloader (open). Also this help cyanogenmod crew to develop real open source android and easy porting to phones. This will speed more android devices. Unfortuantely, Samsung is the king, so google focus on android and not on hardware

  • fazzkazi

Stroganoff, 16 Mar 2013Motorola design very ugly you have got to be kidding me.
Have you seen the razr series? those are by far the best looking smart phones in the market yet.
If you like samsung's ass shaped galaxy series, you're not the one to talk about designs and looks anyway.

"According to the insider Motorola will allow customers to customize their X-branded phone prior to purchasing it. They’ll be able to specify how much RAM and internal storage they like. Motorola is said to guarantee the custom devices to be delivered in a week."
This is the best thing ever!Even i own only Sony products i have to say this!
About gs4 vs xz it's all about personal preference,for me xz is 10times better!But we all know if samsung made a nokia3310 and name it galaxy s4 they'd still sell millions.Lot of people are fooled by marketing!Ofc i don't say gs4 is a bad phone,all i'm saying now all producers have same specs on their flagships(don't say exynos is better because it can score more in benchmarks,i mean real performance in real life) so it's all about design and features.There's no "best smartphone",there are lot of very good smartphones and anyone should choose what's better for him.

Chaostheory, 16 Mar 2013The GS4 is very disappointing, there's still room to make a near... moreU should buy samsubg galaxy xcover 2

before making rival to galaxy line they should rebuilt assembling plants and international network. samsung leads by far simply because their phones available all around the world, while moto is nowhere to find, but just in few countries and in very limited quantities.

  • Anonymous

Stroganoff, 16 Mar 2013Motorola design very ugly define ugly please

  • md

if it dose not have an unlockable bootloader I'm not going to buy it, I had enough of you motorola.

  • niijonodhg

PLEASE say this is true!

and if so. PLEASE make the UK one of your major markets.

change the fu*kin logo its ugly... you can put only "M" that will be better

This better be available in the UK or I'll cry so hard.

  • incubuzph

the best part is it will only be available in the US =)

  • Anonymous

goodluck motorola

  • lolza

i remember not long ago, 2-3 months, nokia fans saying that nokia would be stupid to use android cause nobody makes money from android....yeah lol..right.

and now samsung, sony, motorola,huawei, zte, lg...micromax lol..everyone is making money, anf sony, lg, samsung and motorola are going all out o get top position....while nokia fades away into obscurity.

  • Sam

Apple will sue Motorola for keeping secrets like them

  • andrei

When I was young I dreamed to choose my own phone specifications.

  • lolza

please let there be usb otg and microsd..and some sort of tv out and nfc.

  • all hail galaxy

customizing a ram and storage ,, well i would want a 12 gig ram and a hot swappable memory card slot rather than a fixed memmory....