Samsung Galaxy S4 production cost estimated at $244

20 March, 2013
That's a 15% increase over the production cost of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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  • Anonymous

RnD cost is iimportant

  • Not really

Guys, what is the profit for a well known pair of jeans, or shoes, or whatever? And what`s the selling price?
That is a lot more outrageous than this.
Do think of all the R&D that goes into a product before it`s released.

Manufacturing cost is just $244 but they are charging almost $700. What are they? some kind of modern bandits,depredators or plunderer??!!

  • AJ

People Here do not loose your head, the fact is no matter what we speak & comment the price of this baby is not going to come down with that. So, don't frustrate yourself here.

$579 - 244 = $335 profit. who's not greedy now?

  • Anonymous

Brainstormer, 21 Mar 2013Guys,I'm a polymer engineer and daily deals with plastics and th... moreNo one cares.

Guys,I'm a polymer engineer and daily deals with plastics and their various tests.
Colour:Being a polycarbonate is not enough for making it high performance. Adding a colour masterbatch into the moulding itself makes a colour durable forever but at the same time costly affair.
Strenth and impact strength: compositions matters most. More importantly weakest link for any product is always joints or moving parts.

I personally and professionally will prefer build quality of lumia 920,though heavy, with injection moulded colour and unibody design,its hardly anything which can break it. I'm not commenting on other parameters

  • dumsys

samdung, 21 Mar 2013Samsung pay their Korean factory workers less money than Apple..... morehahah you still think that?!?

  • -_-

samdung, 21 Mar 2013Samsung pay their Korean factory workers less money than Apple..... morePeople working in Samsung Korea paid well. You never know how hard to get into Samsung Korea. They are all highly educated people.

This new samsug s4 has a horrible design, and predictable boring specs and is ridiculously highly priced... not worth the money... the Sony xperia Z is much better in many ways

  • samdung

Samsung pay their Korean factory workers less money than Apple..
yet they charge $600 for their phone. they are worse than apple i think!

  • iphonefan

everyone used to hate apple for its high profit.

now its time to hate Samsung for charging $600 for a piece of plastic that uses buggy android.

samsung is greedy!

It has not added the RND, patent license and marketing cost.

  • Anonymous

so low cost and charge us so high? :(

likeasir, 20 Mar 2013"This is an era of quad core phones"? Sure, but for An... moreiOS doesn't have as many features as android and is not at all versatile like android, hence it does not need much cores. It is such a closed OS and with such less features and no burden at all to the OS, it is a little faster than android. When comparing to the Galaxy S3 or Note 2, the iPhone 5 feels like a child's toy to me to actually be honest.

  • Denzo

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013Sadly, out of the 600 people will pay for the phone, 200 will ... moreNo way. In Hell. Dont worry about the budget or anything lol

It just wouldnt be worth making if they are spending that much.. Look at Miaomi phone.. better specs.. retail $300.. dont listen to this rubbish..

And you think Sammy is perfect.. I found this and am surprised GSMARENA didnt do an article on it..

AJ, 20 Mar 2013We need to understand one thing, of course even i would like thi... moreI agree, but this will be my 2nd samsung device, 1st was way back in 2005, when i bought SGH-X100, and then never bought samsung again, these days popularity of their phones are high, but at the same time, lots of users complaining about quality of existing samsung devices really making me think whether to buy it or not, but i have a plan to purchase it in 1st week of September, i guess its price maybe reduce by 50$ by the time.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S series are ok, nothing special. They are just popular like McDonald's and Toyota.

  • Anonymous

Sadly, out of the 600 people will pay for the phone, 200 will go to marketing. People, why buy phones from companies that spend money on marketing rather than research and development?

  • poly carbon

why so serious.., 20 Mar 2013You again......huh..... At least rubber is much better than t... moreJust a software, because of that software nokia now in deep trouble. Eg:symbian, windows.