Samsung Galaxy Note III rumored to launch in US with 5.9" display

25 March, 2013
The next generation galaxy note phablet is said to come out with a 5.9" full HD display.

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  • Anonymous

what will be the SAR value? Was planning for the samsung galaxy note 2 because it has low radiation

  • randomguy

If samsung use a 5.9 inch 1080p flexible clorOLED screen(4 sub pixels per pixel as opposed to s4's 2), exynos 5 octa with much better gpu than s4, 3 gb of ram. All while keeping it as big as note 2 or just slightly bigger and a price tag of under $900, This will absolutely be the best phone of 2013.

  • A Aziz

Samsung note
3 not 3
is coming

porsha, 12 Apr 2013They should have pink ones for us girlshahaaaa ;) yeah!!!! sure they will Launch....

  • porsha

They should have pink ones for us girls

  • Anonymous

jeff, 28 Mar 2013Hey sammy gud to hear abt note3 coming out,bt i really hope dat ... moreThen it won't have removable back cover. I prefer back cover to be removable and battery accessible to water resistance.

  • A.Aziz

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2013i like samsungNote 3 coming.all brand sleeped

  • sss

It thing that. Note 3 will be a good

  • Anonymous

i like samsung

  • jeff

Hey sammy gud to hear abt note3 coming out,bt i really hope dat sammy make note3 IP57 certified it will b gr8 xperia Z is gettin credit beocz of dat water resistance so now time fr a change rite sammy it will be a massive hit fr note3..

  • Anonymous

king wicked, 26 Mar 2013i have a note II and 5.9 is what really puts me off.. i would... morexperia Z has better battery life than my S3

  • Anonymous

iphone5s, 26 Mar 2013Who care about look funny. Smartphone these days are not for mak... moreyou shouldn't say that about look as Samsung invested a lot of money and designers for look.

  • Anonymous

Josef, 28 Mar 2013I can't wait! Samsung, please, don't forget to build in the ther... morehow does the thermometer differentiate between weather temperature and heat from the phone?

I can't wait! Samsung, please, don't forget to build in the thermometer and hydrometer, thanks.. (Sent from Galaxy Note II)

  • Anonymous

its probably gonna be the same size as the note 2 with a bigger screen. Just like what they did with the S4.

  • Nickhawk

I am waiting for the Galaxy Note III.
I had the Note I and own an Note II, but no doubt I will buy the galaxy III either, because I love the Galaxyy pallets and I hope the Note III will be really gorgeous.

  • jeffrey

hi sammy just have a quote to tell ya.M using note2 b4 that note1 n m hoping i wil lay my hands on note3 if only d device will b d same size as note2 bt d screen should be big as u said 5.9inch becoz as screen r getting bigger as well as d phone itself getting bigger note2 is quite big, enough fr us so now time to make large screen in small package.i guess u hav understood wat i meant t say.


its not phone , its another geometry box from samsung.....

  • johnlove

Samsung seemed a bit late in the 6 inch game. I was able to get a dual sim China made 6 incher early this year. It works like a dream. Voice call are exceptionally clear, I am not anymore going back to my Samsung S3.

mezzedup, 26 Mar 2013This is messed up why do they produce bigger phones... why not s... morewell go buy a nokia 3310 thats fit enough for you..