Samsung Galaxy Note III rumored to launch in US with 5.9" display

25 March, 2013
The next generation galaxy note phablet is said to come out with a 5.9" full HD display.

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mPHIDIS, 25 Mar 2013I was waiting for Note IV but it being 5.8 is too extreme and am... moreNote III maybe will have same dimensional of Note II.
They maybe will cut some from the edges and make it button-less like Nexus.

Android is all about quantity. Their trend is to increase the size of everything.

[deleted post]To compensate for something?

NoteIII 5.9, noteIV 6.9,noteIIV 7.9... Lol, and continue :P. .

Note II has a 5.5" screen. Note III will be 5.9". That's only 10.1mm difference. That's 1cm.

Not a big difference. Being a full HD would be another plus. Good for graphic work.

  • shock

Ok Samsung going to bring out a note 111 ,all well and good but I certainly hope the features will be different and its what ppl want !

  • JT

God... not this again Samsung
They really do believe they will just keep making
phones bigger as long as they pack more stuff in?
I find iphone much more evolutionary than a note

Who cant put more stuff when they can make it bigger?
Make it lighter / smaller / slimmer but more powerful
then we will be talking again

Personally 5.5" is the absolute largest for a phone to have

Sigh... Samsung get a clue


I was waiting for Note IV but it being 5.8 is too extreme and ambitious, seriously. i will stay loyal to sony with their Z. i will rather wait for the second Note 10.1. Actually all i need is the S-Pen

This is ridicules, why don't you soon you will see people carting around a phone the size of a plasma tv

  • Anonymous

2015 - midrange phone will have 7" screens.. ffs its a phone stop making it a tablet!

  • ausnote2

For all the noob who have not use the Note 2 as yet, use it first before posting.

Yes there is a limit to the phablet which for me is max 6.3" FHD.

after that it must be foldable as per Samsung concept of flexible screen.

  • yislam

Now that's what I'm waiting for. After having a Note for a year now, anything smaller is insignificant

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I did used 'V' which is 5

  • me ^^

ok i know that larger screen is a good thing but WHAT THE HECK we are reaching the 6inch it's not pocketable ...unless you have a large pants ^^

  • Anonymous

Garbage lol I think samung just bring out as many handsets as possible in hope for one of them to dominate the market... I mean i dont blame them, i would do the same...but i would just bring out 1 phone every year but invest my money in market research...find out what people actually WANT...then make a phone to that need. Not bring out a phone with every different size and spec. Yes there will be some sore of demand for this but..its just a waste of time

  • samsung user

please make it 5.5 the screen size,, volume should be louder like samsung nexus and sound quality like iphone. upgrade the zoom like a video camera.

Still getting this over any device because of the Wacom S Pen functions. Works great for digital painting using Sketchbook or Photoshop Touch!

They better use Qualcom Snapdragon 800 in this phablet.

next year galaxy note 4 will be using galaxy tab casing.. and it's awesome (sarcastic)

  • cool dude

have samsung gone insane !!!!!!!!!!..don't know what people in samsung research are doing...5.9" note size is just too much for comfort..this has really become very nonsense from samsung...the diff between tablets and phablets has now a days is nothing.....hoping this rumour to be a false..