WP outsells iOS in 7 and BlackBerry OS in 26 markets now

27 March, 2013
Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone has managed to outsell the iPhone in 7 markets, Blackberry in 26.

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  • Anonymous

26 markets is a large number. In a year's time that number might reach over 50. Had an Android but Windows Phone is simply too good now - I first ignored it but when I tried it I realised just how good WP8 is. Beautiful and smooth. Glad I got a Lumia 920 instead of Galaxy S3.

  • jo

popular apps are available on w8 os

droid.apk.dld, 28 Mar 2013where are you from willboyce. From Jupiter? I'm from Eastern E... moreIt was in black and white. I simply copied and pasted ok sweetheart

wp8 no apps and no games boring sucks

  • Geo

Great news!


Windows Phone Undoubtedly Best Opertating System

  • Xscrambler

the anonymous guest, 27 Mar 2013blah blah blah fact: wp is the fastest os that can run in sever... moreDitto! Nailed! This is exactly why Android $uck$!!! Coz it's a damn LAGGERRRRRRRRRR. Somebody said that WP's multitasking is crap. Hold on, it's actually very intuitive. I know exactly when I will pause the app and awake it later and I know when I want it to exit. But wait - Lagdroid? Nope. Can't do that. Folks need quad-cores (QUAD?!?!?! on the phone? Get real!) to run the same speed as my 1GHz WP7.8. I'm sorry, I've been there (Lagdroid, for a good year) and never ever I am going back. Thank you (!#!@#$@$@#$%#@%) Lagdroid and Thank you (xx) WP.

  • Xscrambler

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2013I was bord in 81. Nokia copied the design of the Sony Ericsson T... moreyou're still too young, no offense ;)

killer droid, 29 Mar 2013WP is a dump phone. 1- android 2- ios 3- BB10 4- ubuntu ... morelol, are you a man from future?
you predict the rank of OSes for those some OS not yet available now.
give me a break

  • Anonymous

its not a dumb os it just needs improvements and this is coming to you from an android user .

Abe01, 28 Mar 2013This News is related to Microsoft outselling other brands in som... moreWP is a dump phone.

1- android
2- ios
3- BB10
4- ubuntu
5- firefox os
6- tizen

????? WP the DUMP phone os

This News is related to Microsoft outselling other brands in some Markets, I don't get it, why the tides had turned against Nokia *Laugh Out Loud* - If you hate a Phone, just don't comment. If you don't like it, leave it, why would both posting and waste your own time in thinking/writing on how much you hate an ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT *Rolling On the Floor Laughing*. I hadn't seen any where in the News which specified 'Nokia'. It's just people like "Killer Droid" appears from his grandma's basement and start trolling Microsoft users.

I will be having my first experience with Windows 8 Phones on this Monday along with the Full version for my Gaming CPU. Really excited, thank you Microsoft for such a wonderful OS you had given to your users.

On the other hand, there are trolls who never die. I don't hate any smartphone, any manufacturer but I am noticing some fanboys art stating to get really annoying since they hold a phone which is high on demand. I know a lot about other brands, used S3, Htc oneX and others but never had complained it sucks etc. All smartphones are awesome in one or other views, none of the manufacturer is perfect, there are bugs every where. That doesn't mean they are outdated etc.

It is designed by Human beings keep in mind and humans always make errors in anything they do. So before bashing on other forums "Killer Droid", mind your business. Stay happy with whatever you own and if you don't like a thing, just simply sell it. That's a lot better than trolling others because your trolling will just make them hate you more and more. A brand liker will always demand that specific brand no matter how it costs, how its ugly, how it performs because he knows the good of it which are not available in any other brand, that is why he likes it.

That's all I want to say. Peace.

  • Credo

I see here in Belgium Lumia's all the time, and the average Belgium customer can afford an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3, so that says a lot to me...

willboyce, 28 Mar 2013The following countries are just the places you’d expect Windows... morewhere are you from willboyce.
From Jupiter?
I'm from Eastern Europe and I've 4 smartpjone.
All with LTE acces. Do you have LTE acces on Jupiter?
Or in your superdeveloped spatial country?

The following countries are just the places you’d expect Windows Phone to beat out Apple.
South Africa
Croatia and other central/eastern European countries (all listed together)
. Right there's the 7 ... End off. Thanx

  • me

Aashhu, 28 Mar 2013India could not be in any of those 33 markets. I have yet too s... morewrong! they revealed the markets and India is one of them

  • Anonymous

make those changes and ill switch the jailbreaking thing i could do without but would be great others are needed.

  • Anonymous

windows need major updates period and the 920 is a good phone but windows is missing to much for me at the moment. so i cant switch but maybe in near future when eos and catwalk are out also windows blue update then ill try it again if its not up to par ill be getting s4.im not a fan boy just want the best for me . windows is missing homescreen wallpapers of your choice notification center file manage real torrent app allow you to change search button to whatever site you want.tiles need to be upgraded to 3d if user wants or add diffrent themes all together for those who dont like the tiles so much instagram i dont use but see its importants for nokia phone since photos are its strong point. and if they really want to step ther game up allow make a form of jailbreaking from factory which is allowed so you can still upgrade your phone no problems. the last one is far fetch but if they want to attack android thats a very good way to do so.

Aashhu, 28 Mar 2013India could not be in any of those 33 markets. I have yet too s... moreIndia is there in the list and i think u live in rural areas where u do not find a lumia in single hand, i live in Delhi n here lot of people are carrying lumia who have switched from android and are happy with this

Nokia lumia 920. Super smooth machine. It may take a while but watch it grow. . As for android it will prob remain at top. But remember only way is down. . If android was only os . How much would it cost??. Id say a lot of people may not be able to afford a mobile if only one os. I think we need wp8 and apple and bb , to keep costs down. . If you prefer one over an other ,that's grand. Were not all th same. I love the Lumia. Its a great phone. Office suits my needs, works well with my surface. Xbox. Xbox music. This is my preference. . I know if a lot of you tried it for a while. You would fall in love . Its super smooth. Sexy, turns heads everywhere. You bring it out in shop. Everyone's looking. Its perfection. As gsm arena say.( its luminary). Go try it.