Shares of Android, Samsung and Sprint rise in early 2013

01 April, 2013
The shares of Android, Sprint and Samsung are on a rise in US, according to the latest report.

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  • Anonymous

Nokia 920 and WP are the best combination.
Lumia 920:

  • Anonymous

KINA, 02 Apr 2013Android is #1 OS in the world and it's FREEDOM. iOS and W8 are s... moreAndroid is #1 in malwares, #1 in force closes (everywhere). and #1 in lag.

  • Killer Droid

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013I would recommend both WP and iOS over Android. I have had multi... morelol bittorrent and utorrent remote app lol are you for real. Why can you have real torrent app not remote app on your precoius wp lol. pathetic

Android is #1 OS in the world and it's FREEDOM. iOS and W8 are sux ... No file system, no emulator, no USB storage mode. It's like you live in communist country.

Nokia, Windows Phone are FAIL!.

Sold my Wp

Dont like it.

  • Tony

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013People love Windows Phone.,2817... moreLike a toy.

  • Anonymous

Hands down, I've tried Windows Phone 8 (on a Lumia 920) and it's really good. WP8 is faster than Android and iOS. And don't forget, it's based on Microsoft's NT kernel (the same as Windows 8 and XP etc.), so it's very stable too. Plus, it uses less memory, so it's significantly faster on cheap phones compared to Android.

WP has been the fastest growing OS last year and this quarter in almost every country. Add that to a great smartphone (a Nokia Lumia 920) and it's simply a wonderful experience. Colourful, cool, fun, stylish, fast, stable, Nokia's high reliability, wireless charging, PureView camera... it's the best thing to buy. Makes Samsung and Apple look like overrated crap.

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013I would recommend both WP and iOS over Android. I have had multi... moreMeh, more reliable than Android? in which way is iOS and WP more reliable than Android? Its all a myth, that Apple devices just work, but i can tell you now, it doesnt. ive had an iPad and iPhone, and well their Facebook and Twitter integration sucks balls, it works and then it doesnt work. My iphone has crashed, to a point where i have had to reset the device. In this day an age, one would expect a little more customisation from a phone, tweaks here and there, and the ability to use widgets are becoming more and more prominent. Windows Phone, well, i wouldnt even go there in terms of apps. Their app store is meek in comparison to Apple store and Play store, and its basically another Blackberry when it comes to apps. The WP UI as with iOS is pretty boring, and playing Xbox games on a phone? Really dont understand why people bother playing games on a phone, or let the lure of an Xbox app drive them to a phone. I suppose each to their own, but for me, the ability to mix it up on the Android platform is why its still way ahead of the chasing pack.

  • Mokia

Nokia, Windows Phone are FAIL!.

This i so good to see sammy goin up! Congrats sammy. As for Android, it desreves top spot. Waiting for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and SGS4!

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013People love Windows Phone.,2817... moreYou probably meant "PC Magazine Readers love Windows Phone". This link is "Readers Choice Award" and Microsoft dominates PCs. For a more universal perspective, use actual global market share within the same period. (Hint: This article is a good start.)

  • Anonymous

GUE, 01 Apr 2013I don't understand why the market in US is so important? I remem... more7 years ago? Much has changed since then. No sim card? Your sister probably had Verizon or Sprint. ATT and Tmobile use sim cards. You always hear news about the US because that is what is available and reliable, especially for such a lucrative market. What country are you from? What's the market size? How many firms actually do sales reports on your country? How often? If there is no information to report then it won't be in the news.

  • R.kumar

killer droid, 01 Apr 2013By the way The homeland of android is USA.yeah but the days of ios is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone­

  • R.kumar

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013I would recommend both WP and iOS over Android. I have had multi... moredont say shotly that this is better then this........if something is better or good then people will accept it himself u cant do anything in it.........if som1 want 2 buy a android then u cant force him//her to buy a wind or ios and vice just lition to these crazy peopels and enjoy your device......

  • saki

samasung is and will remain at top ,,nokia and mortoral htc sony iphon can never beat samasung now,,and for next many years,, ,,i love samsung when samasun was at the botttom but now it is on top . .

  • Phlip

This only shows that people are still buying Galaxy S2 simply because LOOKS matter to people as well. I hope Samsung takes note of this and realize that if they invest on the design too, then will only they become unstoppable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2013how about windows phone? I'm an android user and thinking to swi... moreI would recommend both WP and iOS over Android. I have had multiple Android phones including the Nexus 4, iPhone 4S, and couple WP phones. Both WP and iPhones are way more reliable than any Android because of less hardware fragmented nature. Their OS are optimized for specific hardware, so you'll get very smooth OS and reliable. There are Bitorrent and uTorrent Remote apps on WP. You'll get Xbox games with Xbox Live achievement, Microsoft Office app, and fully offline voice navigation even without data/3G/4G.

Here are examples of what people like in WP8.,00.asp

  • Anonymous

People love Windows Phone.,00.asp

Let the whole world support Open Source OSes and software. Knowledge should benefit mankind, not just those who can pay. If we support this, prices will drop more and wireless communication will become available to more people even in Third World countries. Even now $60~100 phones and tablets can be found in developing countries. Everywhere children are learning more and faster.