HTC DROID DNA back on Verizon's website without a word

01 April, 2013
The 5" 1080p droid went missing and everyone thought it's to make room for the One. But now it's back.

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  • Davec

good news. DROID DNA is a best smartphone at verizon

  • littleitaly

it was probably a april fools prank

  • Limited

Well HTC you're going down again.. You should have never announced and released ONE if its hard to make. ONE is like a teaser but not officially considered as phone.. (hope you get what i mean there)

I love HTC designs but they fail in the marketing aspect. So here it is, DROID DNA for you. :)

thorno, 01 Apr 2013Lol this might be an april fools joke from HTC. They are 2 busy ... moreso you think s series by samsung are a flagships ideal names , too cheap and probably was taken ftom nokia n series,
U love the way dna look and dna name is cool , htc should never had butterfly at this moment and should release a dna phablet series and one series for phones and rock the world, i simply love htc , but they should change some of thier strategies

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2013Nobody cares if its april fools or what, no one will be buy htc phonesOh well nobody cares about an anonymous like you with no identity. They would rather buy an HTC phone then listen to your bitter rants.

  • Timbuktu

All the recent HTC phones seem to be the same specs - One (not X or X+), Butterfly etc. Don't stand out anymore...

  • Anonymous

Nobody cares if its april fools or what, no one will be buy htc phones

True. They dont see how successful galaxy "S" is or iphone. Keep it simple. Who the hell will remember what a htc butterfly will be in 6 months. They are so bad. They introduce good products that fail...they dont even last a8 months in company websites

Lol this might be an april fools joke from HTC. They are 2 busy trying to beat samsung so they couldnt come up with anything better.

In order to be a top contender in smartphone/tablet, HTC, please get your namimg convention right!

The inconsistence naming convention makes HTC looks stupid & inferior!

Avoid using names like Butterfly, Sensation, Desire, DNA Droid, ONE,..

  • Anonymous

HTC might sell 10 more of these.

  • TheZombieDonut

torch19, 01 Apr 2013April fool's day from htc and verizon! It actually is on the Verizon Website again if you type it in the search bar it shows up in the drop down and if you click on it you will be taken to the phone's page, and you are able to order it from there. Not April Fool's

  • DGAF

Probably an april fool. HTC are shit anyway so no big loss

  • torch19

April fool's day from htc and verizon!