Windows Phone apps on the rise in the coming year

02 April, 2013
Some 25% of 348 interviewed organizations plan on releasing Windows Phone apps in 2013.

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  • tan

yes , you can open the microsoft phone store and you see new apps everyday. windows is rising.

  • Anonymous

Smilinjust4u2day, 04 Apr 2013Well all that you have to do is change your store location in th... morehow to do so?

  • Anonymous

Abe01, 03 Apr 2013OMG man! You just stole my words. The Application store have... moreYeah cause symbian apps and the whole OS was really stable...

  • Smilinjust4u2day

Well all that you have to do is change your store location in the settings to UK or US and more than 165,000 apps open their doors for you. Try it...Lumia 920 user

  • Riyad

windows phone is growing fast

Things look good for windows and nokia

  • Adoron

This is good news, as I am already planning to replace my more than a year old XPERIA Android phone with a midrange Lumia Windows Phone.

BB cannot give a BB10 phone for $200(Rs 11000 appx).
Nokia has just released Lumia 520 hotcake for such a low price. Only a high-end user can go for BB. Nokia has phones for every user.

krish., 03 Apr 2013Most of the guys, who are making troll about WP....after 2, or m... moreOMG man! You just stole my words.

The Application store have already reached 50000+ apps in less than a half year and it is still progressing rapidly as this article said. 25% planning to release is a pretty huge quantity. The most important applications are already available on Windows Application Store which any smartphone user wants. Although, it doesn't holds much duplicate, malware apps like Android, all are true,useful apps.

Nokia is always been Quailty over Quantity.

Most of the guys, who are making troll about WP....after 2, or maybe 1 year they will make troll about the OS of which they are too fond currently.....

as more apps are released so will the number of sales will increase then nokia will be killing the market wis specs and apps sooooo goood bye samsung

ssn1511, 03 Apr 2013earlier i was an android samsung galaxy s2 now using htc windows... moreIt is because u have got htc's 8x, try Nokia wid full of Nokia exclusive apps and most reliable Nokia hardware

WPos is in his 2nd year. There are 150,000+ apps in wp store..
Apple and android fanboys, do you know how many apps are there in their apps store during their 2nd year of establishment ?
apple app store established on july 11 2008. After 2 year (i.e. jan 5 2010) there were 120,000 apps available
google play/ android market is here from march 2009. After 2 years (i.e. May 2011) there were 200,000 apps available for download.

So, I don't think wp is much behind android or ios :D

killer droid, 03 Apr 2013Ok by your logic android 4.2 is new also come on.R u a kid? Wp8 is diiferent from wp7 because both are based on different kernels. That is why inspite of capable hardware of wp7 devices they cannot be upgraded to wp8.

  • Z

Windows phone isn't new, it's been here since before iOS or android and was called windows mobile...

But anyway, things seem positive for the consumers on all platforms and this is what matters.

earlier i was an android samsung galaxy s2 now using htc windows 8x htc's hardware is ok but windows 8 s app store is having less free usable apps and dont have third party video player still now.

recently they bring temple run which required minimum twice time download and also lagging while playing even for small car racing games

one thing i want to be clear what we paid for the phone is inclusive of the service(OS) also,nowadays a phone's cost equal to a advanced laptop we want everything in our hand thats why sometime we compromise ourselves for cost of the phone

But there is a lot of lag in service rather than their sales of the mobiles

one thing is very clear about samsumg (whether it is copying somthing or not ) we will get a super device with nominal price with tons of apps (we have to choose the best one )

in others case they will release a mokka app for free and call themselves as a genuine product. consumer should pay for a better app which is available free in android.

even i ve tried to get a free app to play videos with subtitles by calling htc they forward me to windows and in windows they asked me to search in bing for such app. very idiotic for my money

none of the free apps is worth for my money.

in india there is no option to return the phone after one or two days use or there is no much experience centers for demo people like us only got the experience after paying full payment. you tube videos are some times unknowingly help windows to promote their phones.

there is on screen brightness, volume adjuster

cant move movies forward backward by swiping we have to tap the on screen keys

no innovations no care about the user's experience and requirements but samsung doing all these

now im going to sell this even for half of the price which is bought one month back and waiting for s4

keeping this htc windows 8x is irritating me like anything

  • yudi

Yes..i love lumia phones....but due to apps lacking features , i was not taking it...But i think soon ..apps will get flooded in LUMIA ...Samsung & apples bad days has start

  • Manok

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2013im a android i have sony z my girl has s3 ther share is going d... moreWAIST?? Really? Trying to troll but your words are awful..

sdrawkcab, 03 Apr 2013WRONG! You might wanna look at the main statistics, Windows P... moreCome on man BB10 just got out on February 1. Let's see the results after next quarter and at the end of the years.


You might wanna look at the main statistics, Windows Phone 8 now has 4.1% of the US smartphone market, while BB is down to 0.7% Your precious BB is on the decline! We'll see how things pick back up by the end of the year, but I seriously doubt BB is back in the game. WP8 is now the Number 3 OS in the US. It's not BB anymore!