HTC One hits AT&T network on April 19, costs $200

02 April, 2013
HTC One will become available on AT&T on April 19, pre-orders start at 1PM CT on April 4.

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i'm not from the states

but I just wanted to ask if I bought this mobile from at&t with the two years contract and stopped paying for the monthly Subscription bouquet .. this act will cause any harm for the visa holder "my friend in the united states" :) who bought the mobile for me ??

ONE, 03 Apr 2013iPhone what?Iphone 1, ofc.They finally got it too

  • ONE

iPhone what?

  • Pinoy

Here in the Philippines you can get an iPhone for free, with 2 year contract of only $20 per month(unlimited call and text only). Add another $20 and you get unlimited data of 7.2mbps. Living in a 3rd world country is awesome!

what i am concerned is the price without contracts.

AT&T is better than Verizon

  • sdg

Shaanzei, 02 Apr 2013When Pakistan I'm not sure when these companies plan to release in Pakistan or in any other Asian country. I noticed that it's always cheaper to have someone buy it unlocked from Ebay and have it sent to your home country.

  • lukas

its isnt any grat deal top story etc... 200$ for phone + 2Y contract ... LOL and???all networks do that pay monthly 30$ + one payment for phone...

  • Anonymous

Bassrana, 02 Apr 2013what ever you like - Samsung or Apple, this is arguably the best... moreUm.. no.

When Pakistan

  • Bassrana

what ever you like - Samsung or Apple, this is arguably the best Phone spec's, while I understand iPhone 6 could be better, and Galaxy S4 has potential, this is The Phone for today... like it or not.

thanks it's best

Will they brand it with their ugly logo? In that case, no thanks.

  • Anonymous

We don't need ONE..

Come to one

  • exe

april 19th. friday.