Samsung makes Galaxy Star and Pocket Neo official

02 April, 2013
At an event in South Africa Samsung went official with both low-end smartphones, Android 4.1 on board.

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  • mark

i have used already samsung galaxy phone , it is really good .

  • mahendra parikh

may i know what is pric eof samsung galaxy stat and pocket neo

Ah, another week another Scamsung Galaxy phone.
At least they've somewhat changed the design this time.
Oh and a 850MHz phone comes with Android v4.1 preinstalled. Wow!
But this is just dirt in my face with my SGS1 Android v2.3.6.
Thank you Scamsung keep it coming! :(

  • Anonymous

there are better fischer-price products in the market!
Damn, this time Samsung design sucks even more :(

  • Anonymous

well, seems like Samsung tried to change the design a bit this time.
but guess what, it looks even more shitty :x

  • dzeno1975

Well,some people do not need to expensive phones,they just need simple and easy to use android phones with all standard android functions.A lot of us can not afford galaxy s3 or s4.Some people have android tablets or laptops and good photocameras which cover their needs,so they can buy mid-range or a bit above mid-range smartphone to cover other needs.For example,when You have brand new GALAXY S 3 or 4 and if that brand new phone falls to concrete,and screen brakes,its repair would cost a fortune and that is hard to get over with that.But if You have cheaper phone,it is easier to repair,and also cheaper to live with that.Do not get me wrong,I am not against expensive phones,but everyone has a choice.If You do not like any of these phones,do not buy it,take something else.There are always will be other choices.Just think about that what do You need from Your phone and which functions You often use.Just think about that what functions phones had in,lets say,in 2000 and what phones can do now,even with basic smartphone functions.Just think how many functions(or devices) today one even mid range phone can replace?Just think about it how phones have grown,even if they are mid range or entry level like this.

  • Anonymous

No not again samsung... so sick of that samsung design

  • yan

i dont get it. most companies give out better phones than these for free or really really cheap... why would one choose these over the thousand better phones out there lol

  • A.M.H

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2013Samsung care to explain why my I8150 Wonder with 1.4Ghz 4GB Memo... moreIt also depends upon the architecture of the CPU and its GPU. You cant say a pentium 4 at 3.4GHz will beat a corei3 at 1.8GHz. So it may be that the previous gen processor although clocked higher wasnt simply powerful enough

Yuck more plastic.

  • Spongebob South Afri

Goddamn it more phone spam from samsung. Argh 9 mobiles per year are sufficient, 3 low end, 3 mid end and 3 high end then update them with each year damnit samsung you spammers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2013Samsung care to explain why my I8150 Wonder with 1.4Ghz 4GB Memo... moreI'm (and many others are) thinking the same thing with my Xperia Arc S. Same specs as the Galaxy W. Even Sony's entry level phones, some with single core 1.0GHz processors and 512MB RAM, are coming with 4.1 out of the box. Whereas former flagships (the Arc S) don't even get a taste...

  • Anonymous

Samsung care to explain why my I8150 Wonder with 1.4Ghz 4GB Memory & 512MB RAM can't be update to Jelly Bean 4.1, while this cheap junk with lower spec can come with JB 4.1 ??

  • AKS

Samsung has reached the saturation point. They are just doing cow's tail on buffalo and buffalo's tail on cow.

  • Anonymous

this looks so much more beautiful than Note 2 and S4!

Samsung ideal goal! "Operation galaxy invasion"------samsung has more galaxies than the universe :D

Well done to Sammy for using South Africa as a venue to launch a phone! Given, it is far from a good phone.
Hopefully we'll see some other, more feature-rich phones launching from South Africa soon as well...

Samsung is cheater and doesn't give a damn about customers!

They're so ugly though.

  • Anonymous

if that's not ugly then chuck norris took karate lessons from justin titer...great job samy, you trully give new meanings for ugliness