HTC One package on O2 comes without a charger

04 April, 2013
The HTC One package from O2 does not include a charger as a part of its environmental initiative.

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  • jazz

can I use micromax charger for htc one as its charger is not working

  • Pashkustva

Yani2000, 05 Apr 2013Buy a new microUSB charger with more mA ASAP !!! If a charger d... moreYani2000 comment abou mA is true.
Not every charger is fit to charge your new phone.

And knowing HTC, they can deny warranty if they "finds out" incompatible charger was in use :)

  • David

Htc sure do now how to shoot themseves in the foot. They make what appears to an excellent phone with cutting edge technology and design only to mess up the basics by putting in a dodgy camera, weak battery and now no charger.
I lost my last charger and have been using a blackberry charger which takes ages to fully charge my phone. No wonder they are struggling as a company doing these silly decisions which attract negative headlines.

georgio martinez, 04 Apr 2013No charger, huh? What this will acturally mean is people will ob... moreBuy a new microUSB charger with more mA ASAP !!!
If a charger doesn't have enough mA power output it can over time destroy your device!
Remember kids the more mA the better.
Educate yourself !!!
First world problems! :(

You're all against this good iniciative?
First world people are getting dumber and dumber by the minute! :(
I have tons of unused chargers in my home + tons of chargers that were thrown out in the garbage.
Yes, there will be some problems at first, but once you buy an universal charger (with enough mA) that could charge all of your phones your problems with chargers will go away.
And the best part is that you will only have to do this once for each person (1 phone per person) in your charger's lifetime.
Except for Apple products. Hmmm... how can Apple even sell their products in the EU?!
First world problems! :(

  • Anonymous

htc one, 04 Apr 2013this is not htc problem because the package is from o2. or o2 d... moreHTC still part of it. It's an agreement between the two.

Lapax, 05 Apr 2013Previously there would always be warning signs saying 'charge on... moreMy HTC 8X has that written on the back

  • Lapax

Previously there would always be warning signs saying 'charge only with genuine htc charger' or something to that effect. But now it's ok to use any old charger?
Very hypocritical.

  • Anonymous

...seriously, initiative? Why don't you just keep the phone as well, I bet millions of buyers have leftover phones in their homes.

where can i find information about o2

A J, 04 Apr 2013i guess charging ur ph thru a usb cable via computer reduces ur ... moreAre you sure?

  • BBoB

First charger out of the box second phone out of the box and no3 box empti

  • .

Charging from PC usb takes really long, but its not worse to the battery, maybe even better. And from my point of view, when i charge my phone from pc, the battery tends to last somewhat longer..

  • thefearfulsilence

Nayz, 04 Apr 2013A Charger costs £2.99 so they would most likely just repla... moreEither I didn't word my post very well or you have misunderstood it. I wasn't reffering to damaging and/or replacing the charger. What I am saying is, for instance, suppose an electrical fault occurs whilst using one of your own wall plug chargers from an old device; and lets suppose as a result that damage was caused to the handset, thus rendering it broken. Would O2 (or htc) still honour the warranty if the adapter you were charging it with at the wall was not supplied by O2 or HTC? Are we going to have to buy htc or o2s own expensive chargers to avoid this scenario - this would defeat the point of o2 not supplying a charger, whilst at the same time leaving them with no liability unless you purchase said expensive adapter from o2/htc themselves.

  • A J

i guess charging ur ph thru a usb cable via computer reduces ur battery life....

  • Anonymous

this is very gud

this is not htc problem because the package is from o2.
or o2 didn't ask htc to give it charger.
also this is a good idea because every one has a charger in his home.

  • Denzo

They call not giving a person a charger with their new mobile phone "an initiative"? Wow that is stupid.

  • smoothk

Abiyouth, 04 Apr 2013Maybe next year they will be shipped without battery !haha.. you nailed it! :D

i think its a great idea, and many people do have loads of excess chagers at home, it would also be a nice little carrot if all these people could return their unwanted or excess chargers for some kind of in store credit,even if they are broken they are still recyclable, something like 50,000 tonnes of chargers are left to waste in the uk alone or roughly 8 million spare or dead chargers