Unaudited Q1 results from HTC show 98% decline in net profit

08 April, 2013
The delayed launch of the flagship HTC One phone hurt the company's Q1 performance.

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  • haha

I still regret after purchasing HTC desire hd as It seems iv wasted my money over it which device doesn't even support ice cream sandwich after spending 27.5k over it n low end devices like samsung galaxy y supports it which r of 7-8k in India. HTC rocks xD

  • Anonymous

lxhzen, 10 Apr 2013Everywhere in the world talks about Samsung.. When people talk m... morei have the one and would recommend it!

  • Cable

Mostafa Cres, 09 Apr 2013that 's really detailed feedback the thing is what your actully ... moreis there a phone that has all that features?

  • lxhzen

Everywhere in the world talks about Samsung.. When people talk much about one thing, others will join.. Same goes with Samsung.. It's the mind.. Anyway, I'm still a HTC fan.. Planning to get the ONE soon..

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2013people nowadays dont care where their phone is made.. its on the... morethat is kinda true, before i was planning to buy an HTC Wildfire S but then I saw an LG Optimus phone which had almost the same specs but costed cheaper by a few thousands here in our country. HTC does price their phones too much.

jajajajajaja....I mean (LOL)

  • fara

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2013HTC should start making washing machines and refrigerators. Nokia also should join them.

  • guj

The main reason for htc's failure is not poor marketing. A company cannot survive with just one or two good models. htc haven't got a good speced midrange phone.for example One S has low internal memory nor it is expandable. Other mid rangers either don't have compass , front cam, low internal memory etc.The latest low end and mid rangers of htc have out dated specs and lacks additional features. Whereas companies like samsung has digital compass even its low end galaxy Y series androids which is priced equal to USD 100 in India. The only near perfect phones of htc available in India now are the high end models htc one+ and butterfly. htc didnt even bring One SV a mid ranger, to India which has almost high specs what other midrangers of htc lack,like compass, front cam, gorilla glass MSD slot.

  • derick

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2013'Outdated'?? Haha, in your dreams. Microsoft's Metro design lang... moreCity lens is just another version augmented reality which has been in android phones long before nokia introduced and don't say nokia has good hardware. nokia was late in putting capacitive touch (still most of their phones have poor touch response) , gorilla glass etc. even nokia qwerty phones were uneasy to use, bulky phones but tiny keys and small screens still they suffer to make compact qwerty phones with large screens and comfortably sized keypad. blackberry especially and samsung make better, compact qwerty phones with large screen over 2.4 inches and comfortably sized keys.

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2013'Outdated'?? Haha, in your dreams. Microsoft's Metro design lang... moreNokia has been given so many years for its windows phone unfortunately it go nowhere.

Yes this Finn will be back if

  • Anonymous

HTC should start making washing machines and refrigerators.

  • DEL

HTC need to sell overpriced because they wanted to return back the loss earning for the past couple of months of delayed to put it to market.

  • Anonymous

gijo, 09 Apr 2013Nokia in no more. even if it comes back no one will buy their ph... more'Outdated'?? Haha, in your dreams. Microsoft's Metro design language is the most modern in the world. Makes Android look cheap and boring. Think about it - colourful, Live tiles, and great animations. Windows Phone was the fastest growing OS in 2012, and is now outselling BlackBerry. Android is just a iOS rip-off.

And in terms of hardware, Nokia's PureView technology, and things like City Lens etc., makes Android manufacturers look outdated, because no-one else have this great technology yet except Nokia.

Watch out. The Finns are back.

tomakali, 09 Apr 2013Kill Android and get 100% WP like Nokia. Release a dozen $200 t... moredon't talk about killing Android,Nokia even has hard time to survive.

to continue to survive, the only way is to abandon wind8 and adopt android.

yuuko, 09 Apr 2013Sony make own display but sometimes Sharp help him if Sony can't... moreHTC stands for High tech computer corp.

I believe before making smartphone, they build computer like IBM or Dell.

  • Anonymous

The S4 will be 100 euros ,ore than Sony or HTC for the 16gig version and a little cheaper than the Iphone so how is the HTC overpriced?

HTC's problem is that lack of a big manufacturing background Samsung have the resources to flood the market as Sony could but lost their way.

Apple have a long history with their computers and could use that to focus their resources on their Iphone. Nokia lost their way after the rise of the Smartphone. HTC lack resources its that simple.

Samsung dont offer anything better or worse than HTC, they just flood the market and people suck it up.

  • Anonymous

people nowadays dont care where their phone is made.. its on the performance of the phone now and how it will help their daily life. so HTC must consider this cause they tend to make a gorgeous phones but the price is so expensive people tend to look for others which has same specs but cheaper. this is the reason why htc becomes bankrupt..

  • Anonymous

if samsung looks cheap and made out of plastic.. who cares, whose leading now when it comes to profit.... its samsung.

  • darksantacruz

Well those are not good news for HTC. I think that the new htc is really gorgeous not like that plastic ugly SGS4 but that's how the market works. I hope that they can come back...

john, 09 Apr 2013Umm Sony doesn't make anything these days. they only make camera... moreSony make own display but sometimes Sharp help him if Sony can't make enough quota
Camera obviously Sony make own sensor and supply to other companies Ex:Samsung,Lg,Oppo,Iphone etc

HTC making what? example HTC One
Display? 100% Made by Sharp
Camera? afaik Omnivision make it
Processor? Obviously not
etc etc