Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will hit US stores on April 11 for $400

09 April, 2013
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will start selling in the US for a suggested price of $399.99 in two days.

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I have an iPad Mini and it's beautiful. Much better looking than this Samsung plastic crap. And as beautiful as it is it does have one problem. It runs iOS.

If tablets were supermodels iPad Mini would be Elle McPherson A slightly retarded Elle McPherson.

Android is so much more elegant than iOS. I will never buy another iOS anything. But I do love my MacBook Air.

  • Pariah

Who is so stupid to get a low specs like iPad Mini so we can add only $70 and get a owesome multitasking Samsung Note 8.0.

  • Anonymous

Yah whateva, 12 Apr 2013Just get an ipad mini instead of this junk because ipad mini has... moreso far, i haven't found an android tablet that has good user experience. for phone, there is.

Just get an ipad mini instead of this junk because ipad mini has 1ghz dual cortex a15 vs cortex a9 and it still runs smooth. One more thing it has better gpu than galaxy note 8 android is really slow .... Just play temple run 1,2 and you'll find the difference ... 512 mb runs really smooth on my ipad mini and even my frndx note 2 has 2gb ram but it is slower than my mini ... And it is cheaper than note 8 ... You can get ear pods and a cover for your ipad mini in 400 bucks ...MINI IS MIGHTY

  • Anonymous

The Untouchable, 10 Apr 2013Ok, I see now. You think that tablets can only be good for web b... moreYou should wait for 1 more year.

Intel next generation chip haswell core i5 is coming. Then 8 inchers / 7 inchers tablets will sprout out everywhere.

That time its the full windows 8 pro system, with all the tools from desktop available to you. Not this kiddy toy.

  • timtam

if u guys want cheaper tablet ainol its cost only 150-200

  • Anonymous

400 bucks is too much any android tablet on the planet. After using an ipad, I will never fork out this kind of money.

yan, 10 Apr 2013even tho those are strong selling points, some of those "ad... moreOk, I see now. You think that tablets can only be good for web browsing, book reading and playing games. You don't think that a tablet can also be good as productivity device, where people can actually do their works in it and create things from it. You think that only pcs or laptops can do those kind of work.
That's why a simpler tablet like the Nexus 7 and even the ipad mini is suffice to your needs. But you're not everyone, my friend. Your needs aren't everyone's needs.
For those who think that a tablet can provide the needs of much more than just playing games, reading books and browsing the web, the Note tablet is a no brainer.

  • yan

The Untouchable, 10 Apr 2013I didn't compare it with the Note II, I was only pointing out th... moreeven tho those are strong selling points, some of those "advanced features" and wacom digitizer + s pen stylus is worthless to some. A cheaper (way cheaper) tablet would suffice/meet needs.

  • Zie

Yup, the "mini" is outdate by engine spec but it does still look good on premium design & material and there is no argue with wide choice of good application on Apple store but "The innovation" are done..they need a new one.
I dont think is fair to compare it with galaxy note series..the "note" is growing to became another state of the art device but to be honest, please do something with the design. Common be true Samy, beside performance, looks are important too. Despite that I will go for note 8.0 for it function only.

yan, 10 Apr 2013compared to a note2(like you said, not a tablet, but phablet), t... moreI didn't compare it with the Note II, I was only pointing out that this $400 tablet, has the same CPU and GPU with the $700 Note II (which is far better then what the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire has inside of them, let alone the ipad mini). And that it comes with contents more than half of it's worth. And also it has advantages such as the pc-like multitasking and Wacom digitizer + S pen stylus along with it's exclusive and advanced features and apps that even the high-end tablets don't have.
Now there's really no reason calling it overpriced, isn't there?

  • yan

TheNeighbor, 10 Apr 2013iPad/iPad Mini remain non-multitasking, non-multiwindows devices... morebelieve me, i havent bought an ipad mini for the same reason you havent lol. no need for it. not a good bargain either.

yan, 10 Apr 2013android REQUIRES 1.5+ processor and more than 1gb to be stable..... moreiPad/iPad Mini remain non-multitasking, non-multiwindows devices with its why it even has a small RAM capacity. And look what they did to the iPhone - doubled the RAM, got into the multi-core bandwagon and increased the screen. We don't see a lot complaining from the Apple users for those changes.

When Jobs headed Apple he said a 7" tablet is useless. And now Apple users like you are enjoying the 7.9" iPad derived from the Android based market setters. And some come out telling everyone that the Android platform is copying the mini.

The thing is, Apple are not allowing 3 year old hardware to update or install apps and even the ones that used to work. That happened to the 2 gen iPod I was using as it started to stutter because the hardware could handle the updated paid apps that used to work fine. What a waste. I can't even revert back to an earlier iOS version so I can make them work again.

I happen to use the S Pen a lot for productivity. Ordinary folks like you don't, so sick to your simplified device. It's good to have an option when you need it. Try drawing fine details with your finger. Your needs aren't like everyone else's. And that's why a majority of the rest of us use something else that Apple doesn't offer for what we need for better the result.

  • yan

The Untouchable, 10 Apr 2013Overpriced? How can it be overpriced when it packs the exact sam... morecompared to a note2(like you said, not a tablet, but phablet), then no, its not over priced. But compared to other tablets the Note8.0 is competing with (amazon kindle, nexus7, and the also overpriced but still cheaper ipad mini), it is.

i could buy a nexus7 and a kindle for the price of the note8... and you say its not overpriced.

Remember, this is targeted to compete with these other [cheaper] tablets. Pricing it the way they did will hurt some of the sales, i can assure you that.

yan, 10 Apr 2013android REQUIRES 1.5+ processor and more than 1gb to be stable..... moreOverpriced? How can it be overpriced when it packs the exact same CPU and GPU of a $700 Note II phablet? Not to mention that it comes with $200 worth of content and $25 Google Play voucher.

  • yan

The Untouchable, 10 Apr 2013So I'm an ignorant for saying a quadcore 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM ... morethey're obviously better, but the OS requires such high specs to run smoothly, while iOS doesnt require as much and runs equally smooth or better.

I feel sorry for you people defending the ipad mini, I really do. Do you even realize just how outdated the ipad mini is? The screen itself has even lower pixel density than the original Galaxy tab, back in 2010! And the dualcore 1GHz processor is worse than the one in the Galaxy tab plus in 2011.

You don't compare the mini with a Note tablet in 2013, it's just unfair for the sake of humanity. And you people are willingly supporting Apple for their ripping people's money policy.

And, let me emphasise on this once more. The unrivaled multitasking capability and the Wacom digitizer on the Note tab with all it's exclusive features are the things that any other tab out there can only dream of, not just the mini.

  • yan

The Untouchable, 10 Apr 2013I'm talking about wifi+cellular version of the mini, 32GB, check... moreandroid REQUIRES 1.5+ processor and more than 1gb to be stable... iOS doesnt. the screen on ipad mini sucks tho, ill give you that... and, how many times does one use the s pen.? i have many friends who have a note 2 (including myself) and i rarely use it unless its to dribble/draw in some picture... sorry, but i find it overpriced, just like apple products.
just my opinion bro

I just saw the advertisement for a start of sale for this on Saturday, April 13th with a free white flip cover. The 3G version will sell at Php24,000 ($585) and the wifi version would probably sell for Php19,000 ($465) here in the Philippines.

The main point why I started getting the Note series is the Wacom digitizer integrated into the devices. I use it to create digital drawings/sketches/paintings, and of course the usual jotting of notes to process thoughts and ideas with the S Note and S Calendar. Thanks to PS Touch app being available at the Play Store, I can have a bigger screen than the Note II yet not as heavy as the Note 10.1 to paint on.

I'm seeing this as a portable slightly lower portable Cintique standalone unit for creating at anywhere and any time.

As for leisure, the graphics view by reviewers are telling us it's very good with satisfactory angled views. Engadget had so far pegged it to having a 7 hours+ video playing loop, and normal usage is not disappointing in terms of battery life. No exact testing yet, but i do hope GSM Arena can give us the results. CPU, GPU

Sagar, 10 Apr 2013Man ! Ipad has far more better applications in quantity as well ... moreExactly . I agree!