Jelly Bean now available on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

10 April, 2013
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is now seeding to AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

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  • gsjillu

i received the update yest in india.but still am not able to complete the update process.its tooo big n time dragging process. bored :/ :(

  • Dave

Nope, it's not and I just checked. There's no update available for it on Kies nor through Device Management.

  • Bassboy

For those wondering if Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on i777, it's available. I have it on mine :-)

  • jagu

Hi friends anybody plz help me,
I am having Samsung s2 skyrocket,its working in 2.3 GB android platform; I can't able to upgrade it to higher versions of android,when I connect it through kies it shows as SGH-I727 is not support initializing. . So plz plz some one can help me how can I solve this issue???? I am waiting for your reply friends...!!!help!!!

fettka, 12 Apr 2013Just tried to upgrade via KIES, got all the way to the end, said... morewhat is your previous ROM?

  • S2 User

I got mine in Australia yesterday. 4.1.2.
It was about 473 Mb. Now, Jellybean on board and I love it.

  • fettka

Just tried to upgrade via KIES, got all the way to the end, said upgrade was successful, to restart device, unplug cord, then plug it back in. Now all the phone does is keep restarting after the android dude comes up for about 5 seconds......cannot restore back to ICS because the phone is not being recognized by my computer. I am sure that AT&T will be no help, so if anyone can tell me how to get the phone to work it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

no love for ths sgh-i777?

  • G.J.

what about i777? when we gonna get JB... we are last one that still did'nt got it... it makes me sad?.

  • kingmaker

sanoj, 10 Apr 2013Today I found jelly bean update for my galaxy s2 in India. Aroun... moreFrnd where u got it plz tell me

Available on Croatian Vip network too for i9100

  • Srinu

sanoj, 10 Apr 2013Today I found jelly bean update for my galaxy s2 in India. Aroun... moreCould you pls tell me the procudure to install/update jelly bean in india for s2 ?

  • raj

not good s2 plus

  • White Walker

For all the flak Samsung takes over their cheap build-quality plastic phones, I have to say at least they get the updating process right. The S2 Skyrocket has been around for a long time, yet it gets Jelly Bean. Other OEM's might want to take note here. This is one of the reasons why Samsung is kicking the snot out of you all.

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2013help me pleas. after update don't work sim:( :(Did you back up your contacts? Take out the battery and try again, it should work if the update has been installed properly.

  • Abhi

is anyone facing any problem like phone got slowed or something after updating SG2 I9100 to Jellybean ??

  • Anonymous

help me pleas. after update don't work sim:( :(

  • sanoj

Today I found jelly bean update for my galaxy s2 in India. Around a size of 375MB trough air.
Check ur S2 for Jelly Bean right now friends.

  • droid4every1

At&t, Are you kidding me, i was one of the first to buy the Skyrocket for $250, waiting for Jelly bean for a year, now i got hardware issues on my phone and planning to upgrade. And now you come up with Jelly Bean. Should probably wait for the Moto X phone which i believe would have immediate updates.

  • Anonymous

bfgbdfb, 10 Apr 2013HTC learn!!!! HTC sensation was released around the same time.You are right. I own a sensation xe and i was so waiting for an update. I'm sure the device supports it. They just don't care