Oppo working on a quad-core smartphone with 6.1mm profile

10 April, 2013
The thinnest smartphone from the company is rumored to be launched on April 26. 

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  • Anonymous

Why not make it thin as a knife then it can cut my hand while I am using it...

Give me a slightly thicker phone with better battery life. 8-10mm is not fat and is actually more comfortable to hold yet very pocket-able.

  • jito

fullhd 720p . ok ok. lol

  • Anonymous

my dollar store calculator is thinner

  • Mohan

If they manage to keep all the must have features, then it's would make a wonderful phone. But if they remove valuable features like a good battery to make it thin, then it doesn't make sense. It will be like ipod touch 5g with poor battery life.

  • TheHorseMeatUluv2Eat

deric, 11 Apr 2013I wouldn't want to get a Mediatek chip.The chip by itself would be a bit useless wouldn't it!

  • Raimond


  • real..

kickstons, 11 Apr 2013Another subpar brand from China, polluted the world with plastic!my respect !

  • paku

Tinka, 11 Apr 2013there will a day when fones will be so slim that u could actuall... more:D

  • Ludovic From France

Apple Hater, 11 Apr 2013Oppo gangnam style!Hahah !

  • me


  • Tinka

there will a day when fones will be so slim that u could actually cut vegetables with them and kill people,,

breaking news-- A man killed in china with an oppo foen that 2MM thick:P:)

  • Apple Hater

Oppo gangnam style!

opaa oppo style....

  • appledroid

OPPO gangnam style :3

Another subpar brand from China, polluted the world with plastic!

Droided, 11 Apr 2013The Chinese build Mediatek are the best processors ever. Mediatek is taiwanese. They only make chipsets on cortex a7 and a9. They are much cheaper compared to qualcomm,nvidia and intel. They won't blow away anyone's mind who give more emphasis to benchmark scores. But their performance is satisfactory.

  • many,many people

poop, 10 Apr 2013oppo..hoppo...poppo..WTF!!! who buy this phone ? :))))it's a top smartfone,in a row with top Samsung,nokia and htc

  • offence

Expensive,Another Brand with bigger screen same spec only half the price.

  • deric

I wouldn't want to get a Mediatek chip.

opp...opp...oppo gangnam style~