Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update to give you more Live tiles

12 April, 2013
The additional column of tiles will make better use of the 1080p screens on future WP8 smartphones.

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  • Anonymous

You refer to GDR3 offering 6 small or 3 medium tiles across in portrait but the illustration you provide at the end of the link shows 5 small or 2 medium + 1 small across. My eyes are not as good as they used to be so I am hoping your illustration is right otherwise I'm going to have to give up on small tiles which'd be a pity!

  • Anonymous

Cyber.Angel, 28 Jun 2013I want to be able to *select* the number of columns/rows The word your looking for is choose.

  • LazyGeek

Cyber.Angel, 28 Jun 2013I want to be able to *select* the number of columns/rows May be richer looking tiles/colors, and some more better animations while transitions, and a support to add multicore processors ( not just 4). User customizations like wallapaper,ringtone. A refresh to the UI is needed!

I want to be able to *select* the number of columns/rows

  • sardukar

lol, 12 Apr 2013And a very ugly mockup of a very ugly phone which could be from ... moreMy phone falls and survives. Ur phone falls and cracks. Chew on that

  • lumia520user

All that Windows phones know about,is just this Live tile thing and nothing let them add a galore of tilea and feel self-complacent about it.after switching from a symbian s60v5 nokia5233 to lumia 520 with its wp8,i found this so called smartphone doesn't know how to download a mp3 file to external memory card,does not know how to add a legible sized clock to home screen,does not know a file manager,doesn't know even have a voice recorder built saves all downloaded files within the doesn't know anything remarkable.and yet Windows phones are bragged about as smartphones.long live the live tiles that sacrificed the other smart systems.yet another

  • suki

man i love how ppl love to bash about wp8 :D
i am using android for 3 years and i will change to wp8!!!!
probably samsun ativ s because of the price of 277 euros compared to lumia 820 of 300 in my country :D
this metro style will be good to costumise soon, it has gr8 potential and MS will use that opurtunity
and btw i am not saying that android is bad or good i just say that wp8 will work better for me because i would love more the performance then to buy 500E phone to just run smooth :D

Honestly, I don't want to see an extra row of tiles. I love the simplicity of WP8, but adding more tiles, I fear, will lead the Home interface to resemble Android or iOS with all of their small tiles. The colors and icons are definitely more vibrant, and easier to see in the WP8 style, but I don't like seeing such a grid, personally. :/

  • khali

just ilike this and markit new phone in why

Kopi-O-Siew-Dai, 14 Apr 2013Is like taking a wallpaper and split it into squares with gaps o... moreComplete image. Yeah right.. Does that image looks incomplete to you? You are living in an old world. Step into some advancements.

o see the win bashing goin on here (disclosure: owner of htc one v).i am also a winp fan, but held back from buying one due to the hardware problems of wp7, which were solved in wp8. i am half regretting buying the one v- its got the absolute best screen (i compared the sunlight legibility with a stupid s3), but its damn slow- at first it was fast, a few games and poop.i just held back from buying htc 8s -bcoz its overpriced (right now), its got slcd1( 1-2-3 any day better than stupid amoled)...if anyone wanna buy my phone id be glad to sell (damn i know no one sane enough here will buy it- even if he is an android fan)


GreekGeek, 14 Apr phone...what a joke , MS people prefer a smartphone r... moreI already have a computer and a laptop too.
i don't need another computer in my pocket, a skart phone is enough!

Wp8 tablet with 1080p display and screen size of 7 inch

Full Microsoft office functionality

That tablet could actually replace a laptop phone...what a joke , MS people prefer a smartphone rather than a pocket computer.
Windows phone and iPhones are just smartphones. Androids are computer in pocket.

  • Aye

Anonymous, 12 Apr 20131st, how is playstore ugly? Your the only person ive heard who s... moredid you really try Win 8 ?
Do you know the satisfaction rate of win 8 phone owner is so high.
Do you know Win 8 phone is more smooth than Android.
Do you know many who change to buy win 8 will never look back...

Ar-Abe, 12 Apr 2013 moreIs like taking a wallpaper and split it into squares with gaps of lines between them. How can that be beautiful when you can have a COMPLETE image of wallpaper on Android??

  • Anonymous

popye, 13 Apr 2013Live tiles are elegant and futuristic. Widgets are disgusting. I'd like to try WP8 but have never got round to it as i really don't like the metro UI at all. If there was an option to try i i would asap.

Widgets are ugly??? Search buzz launcher for droid for the lazy mans version of instant themeing.

  • Anonymous

TheAgent, 13 Apr 2013"It's BASED on NT kernel" Well I'll see you when I ... moreI think you are mistaken and ubuntu will be the first to do so in october...

Anonymous, 12 Apr 20131st, how is playstore ugly? Your the only person ive heard who s... morefor ur first point i have posted pics for the proof
for ur second point i have no answer because i prefer both functionality and looks u seem to say that what ever happens i want my home screen beautiful or else i ll die .
for ur third point i have believed and i have observed and have used and learnt that blink feed is same that of tiles and windows tiles have better functionality because we can actually paste anything on home screen.
and if there is blink feed u obviously have nothing to paste on the other home screens except for shortcuts.

  • Lenn

As a Windows phone owner, I glad that the uniqueness of Windows tiles makes them stand out from the crowd. They need to promote a lot harder because they have a great product.