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15 April, 2013
Learn more about our online petition which urges manufacturers to make more powerful midsize smartphones.

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  • jeet

Hello, i have been always a fan of compact mobile phones with powerful specs for my jeans pocket and easy for carriage and handle.

I carry 2 sims, so i always like to carry a single compact device with dual sim.

So i will opt for dual sim Dream Phone and talk about that here.

Right now, me and my family, all uses samsung s4 mini i9192, i think its the only dual sim compact android phone with good features.

I cant even think of changing my phone for upgrade as there is no dual sim phone near to this, but if i were a single sim user, definitely would have opt for Sony Z3 compact and Apple 5S (Though i am not an IOS fan, rather prefer Android)

Well, samsung s4 mini i9192 have few CONS -
1> Network Issue
2> Battery
3> Plastic Body
4> Dual Core Primitive Processor
5> 8 GB Internal Memory
6> 1.5 GB Ram
7> Led Notification
8> NFC
9> LTE

If the above CONS are enhanced, this will be a Dream Compact phone.
And if Sony Z3 Compact comes with dual sim, with existing features and Super Amoled screen, that too will be a Dream Compact phone.

  • ò_ô

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2014and what if you don't want to pay over $700??stop shopping for "high-end" smartphones?

  • Anonymous

yudhir, 08 Jan 2014Sony z1 Compact is your answerand what if you don't want to pay over $700??

I agree with petition. I have owned two 4.5 inch phones and they barely fit my jeans pocket. It's hard to take them out while sitting down and I fear they'd break when I need to be in low positions. Also, I have a hard time using just one hand to operate them. 5 inch or larger is OUT OF THE QUESTION, the perfect phone for me is 4.3-4.5 inch max with 720p display.

Sony z1 Compact is your answer

  • cwk1799

My point is that I disagree with those here saying a 4.6 screen is "the minimum." I would appreciate something the size and form factor of an old moto flip (ie tiny and thin) as I use another device to look at image based info. I basically need a wicked fast "radio" that is an excellent phone.

  • cwk1799

Im a two device person. Small phone + galaxy tablet.

I believe that two device people are out there and they just dont know it yet.

I guess ZTE Grand X2 In makes a good option
it has an Atom Z2580 processor which is on par with Qualcomm's S600, a 4.5in 720p IPS screen 2Gigs of RAM (not 1GB),8 Gigs of memory with microSD slot,8MP and 1MP shooters,2000mAh battery, plus the usual array of connectivity, but you have to settle with HSDPA (chipzilla's fault,I guess).
But considering the price ,300$ to 400$ as its big brother ZTE Geek,it's a good bargain.

  • gygy

It should be 4.6" digonal sceen and max. 62.3 mm' width. length max. 126.3 mm'. For surfing and typing sms and ect' easier using only one hand. the 4.3" diag. screen, the k-board is to crowded especially for thick fingers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2013Exactly, but a 5 inch display is also acceptable.This guy doesn't belong here

  • APG

From the comfort point, it is crazy to opt for mobile phones with 5" or bigger size, as it is very uncomfortable to handle it with a single hand as well as the pocketing purpose.
The justification put forward about ease of viewing videos etc. does not hold good for majority of people, that being the secondary use of a mobile phone.
Size of 3.5" to 4.5" is the optimum confort range.

  • gygy

It should be at least 4.6" and max. 63 mm' length max. 126.3 mm'. For surfing and typing sms and ect' easier

Mr Grumpy, 28 May 2013A far better and more useful campaign would be to ask companies ... moreBattery life is a concern especially if you dont like custom ROM and Kernels to help you out....

Camera button though.... I can care less. I know a lot of writers complain about the lack of the button, but its not so bad. Its been years since a decent phone with a camera button came out, so I dont think average joe would care about it that much at this point

  • Anonymous

anywh, 26 Apr 2013no, its have a lot of good small devices....and when ... moreFirst think and talk yourself! There id's no high end phone with a smaller screen. There is no 4.2" screened phone with a non-plastic case, a MicroSD card slot, a good camera and being usable single handedly 1GB of RAM, 8GB+ of flash and a fulfilling assortment of sensors and
good camera.
And I know what I am taking about, since this, or similar a phone, is what I am seeking for since two years.

  • Mr Grumpy

A far better and more useful campaign would be to ask companies to make Android handsets with a decent battery that lasts more than a few hours. And whilst we're at it, how about getting companies to add proper camera buttons?

  • Treanon

Listen to us, please.

  • user

This is stupid idea! Don't buy >5 if you don't want it. I love my Note II and I want 6 or 6,5 display. I don't want to have 100 devices with me. I want one functional device!

  • r00t

Please listen to us.

  • Anonymous

Yep, I agree.
I work outside on the farm a lot and store my phone in my pocket. I need a phone with 2000mAh battery. 1.2ghz+ dual core and around 3-3.5" screen. The xperia go nearly gets in, but for its tiny 1300mAh battery

  • gamer.11

The Xperia Mini pPo!! there was a phone which (at its time of release)was compact and still packed a punch!!...Mini yes but mighty