Sony Xperia SP and Xperia L go on pre-order across Europe

17 April, 2013
Prices and launch dates for the two in the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands inside.

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  • Anonymous

please tell me when its going to release in INDIA...

Does anybody know when it's going to be released on Portugal??

  • Anonymous

When will xperia sp come to denmark? Cant decide galaxy s3 or xperia sp both same price!!

  • sam

when will xperia L be available in Malaysia and with what price

  • Nagisa

I was considering waiting for the Xperia L to replace my phone, but not at these prices. Not even HD and £234? Who are they kidding? At that price I might as well get an older Xperia with HD.

  • Anonymous

whats launch date in india nd xpectd price?

rabbit55, 17 Apr 2013available in india from today on few leading online retailers an... moreIs Xperia L available in India?
If Yes then what is price?

  • guncloud04

Expansys will launch Sony Xperia L on April 29th

  • luvmyarcs

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2013This thing outperforms the HTC Onc x and s3 in terms of CPU. How... moreoutperforms two other crappy phones from year before? so in that case it should be £200 cheaper.

those terrible camera examples posted by Clove show SP 8mp exmor rs cam sucks big time, so Sony are selling SP at £340 with hope everyone wants flashy lightbar to suck their battery instead !

  • sft

In Switzerland, the Xperia SP will cost 449 CHF (approximately 369 Euro) and is available on April 26 (e.g.

  • manish

in India Xperia SP sell in about Rs.25490 which is nearly $464.

  • Anonymous

luvmyarcs, 17 Apr 2013Oh no here come the two ye olde specs Xpensive SP (crap camera e... moreThis thing outperforms the HTC Onc x and s3 in terms of CPU. How pathetic considering its £100 cheaper..

  • Anonymous

Xperia S is on more than 23k everywhere ( only EBAY with 20k) in market. L would be not more than 18k. Its a huge difference in price.

Will SP be available in Argentina?

  • sara

Nice specs. only low internal memory 8gb(less apps data) and higher weight are the issues

  • rahul

xperia s is much better than the xperia l. and price of xperia l is very high than xperia s.

  • JR

Any idea When this will be available in KSA?

  • ...

sony was always king of mid range due to their great pricing at mid range

  • luvmyarcs

Oh no here come the two ye olde specs Xpensive SP (crap camera examples already online from this poor phone) & L (L looks like a wind shield scraper)

£340 for the SP they must be kidding! (should be more like £230) and L should be £160 at most..

Still sticking with my arcS until I see decent Sony improvements instead of hyped junk!

Unbelievably high prices