Samsung's operating profit expected to reach $9 billion in Q2

18 April, 2013
The operating profit of Samsung is expected to increase by 62% year-on-year, according to analysts.

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  • Crazoid

The concept is simple but people jst dont want to understand.
Samsung mst be doing something right thats y they are selling well, buyers are not fools these days, i cnt sell you a junk phone but bitching again HTC and then next year you would again come back and buy Samsung,
They make better products, they give timely upgrades, the have the expertise of making a full Phone which even Apple doesnt have, they have a massive Supply chain, they have great marketing team n they have their own S/W too now.

Nokia - could not cpitalize on the top position they were in,
HTC - fast success went into their brains, could not come up with follow up products, their touch had issues, their timeline commitments were never met
LG - was ok, but never could catch traction, n their phones shapes were never too appealing, also try to bring up their dead phone (their phone dies if u connect a charger on low battery and continue to play high end games), it would never come up
Huawei - coming up but is chinese and has a bad name jst like ZTE
Apple - phenominal initially, but no changes from iPhone 2, they bashes Samsung for big size, lets c whthr they move to big size or not
Microsoft - could never bring out anything gud in mobile, windows is terrible and helf cooked, its atlst couple of years behind Android. . . .its good for initial couple of days but it has limited access n functionalities
Google - The master mind in mobile domain, though Android is bought but they hve made it what it is today, in serious compition with Samsung in Brnadname, people know galaxy more thn Android tday, their X-Phone maybe interested

So, overall, Samsung is doing the best in this industry along with Google and not enough resons to Not like them or Ignore them n without them, i bet there would have been hardly ne products competing iPhone or even a good phone

  • Nikhil

Yes Thats True...Any iPhone released till date has nearly 70% of Samsung products in that, same case with other manufacturers too; I love Samsung. People who hate Samsung indirectly using Samsung

  • Anonymous

Bunyip, 19 Apr 2013So much for the haters saying Samsung was dying.... You guys mak... moreSamsung fanboys say it will eat Apple for lunch and gobble up iPhone market share. Seems like Apple market share still very substantial! LOL

  • Anonymous

mansoor, 18 Apr 2013hey guyz u people are hating Samsung because its ahaead of your ... morewhy has to make its own CPU then consider good? what logic is this?

  • john


Exynos processor
Samsung ram
Samsung memory
Samsung oled screen
Samsung radio chips

Samsung battery
Samsujg lens
Samsung/corning gorilla glass

What does htc sony moto and nokia actually make anymore?

Nothing, yet they pretend they actually make most of the phone. It is called fraud.

So much for the haters saying Samsung was dying.... You guys make me laugh.

The note 3 will be the next massive seller released by Samsung.

  • mansoor

hey guyz u people are hating Samsung because its ahaead of your loved manufacturers,,,,, let see the fact,,, when sony makes xperia so they cant make their own processor not any nand flash memory ram etc... so they claim that this is good phone,,,, just with 13 mp and snap 600 and 1080p????

when samsung makes galaxy s4 so they make all of it by them selves,,,, bundle of reviews are made up here in gsm arena,,,, bundle of posts are made up in blog,,, thermal experiments are done by samsung,, wirelss charge support samsung, smart stay, pause, air, group etc etc are full feature so how samsung is bad

u people cry when samsung goes ahead

  • samsung rules

riyaz madappally, 18 Apr 2013samsung is worlds best company. It willbe the best for next comi... moreYes i agree no other companies can compete against samsung and apple even though i hate iphone 5 but i love the apple company

  • riyaz madappally

samsung is worlds best company. It willbe the best for next coming years also. For that onlythey are making too many segments in mobile and tab industry. Even samsung haters also use samsung because they are the best smart phone manufacturers. HTC first introduced android. But that was not a success. After Samsung introduced galaxy S, Y, Ace etc that time only samsung become worlds NO 1 company. Because people want feature rich office friendly phones, not like HTC or Sony. They are focusing on multimedia only. For multimedia Apple is the best one

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2013And how do u know others don't do the same? Or maybe you are bei... moreyeah,., ive been paid by htc to talk how good HTC is... u mad???

  • Kaka

I hate samsung very much as samsung mobile has hanging problem & common disign.

  • Anonymous

u-m-add, 18 Apr 2013yeah... they pay student to talk bad and make fake review about ... moreAnd how do u know others don't do the same? Or maybe you are being paid now by HTC to say the same? DUh

  • LeXore

I am a Samsung employee them making 9 billion profit and still paying us peanuts!!!! no wonder they are making a killing

  • sammy why

personally i hate samsung all of it has a same design , only a change is in screen size and change in ram
at next year we can see that nokia will be in great sucess with its lumias

i like its design very much and personally it has a better os ( windows) than android no lag, always faster,&better camera
I love nokia very much.....

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2013Samsung milking their fanbois, I see. lolthat statement is not fair. if, for example, htc gained a huge success and a huge fanbase with its htc one than what will you say? that htc is milking their fanboys as well? or it will only true if its samsung? hahaha

  • harry

peter., 18 Apr 2013SAmsung is a liar. They destroyed destroyed itself.. Pricing too high for its smartphones..

peter., 18 Apr 2013SAmsung is a liar. They destroyed HTC.HTC destroyed themselves! If they wanna prosper, 1stly they should have some common sense and fire all d nitwits workng in their marketing dept. and also make phones which r repairable and give the customers d option of removable batteries n expandable storage! Apart 4m that n their stubbornness not mch wrong wth HTC!

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2013Their phone size growth is even greater.Absolutely! The Galaxy phones/phabs r gr8 otherwise, but, Samsung mst soon put an end 2 d insane phone size xplosion or their growth charts'll get inverted! Give us better tech Samsung, not ever bigger clones of d same Galaxy S3 design!

  • peter.

SAmsung is a liar. They destroyed HTC.

  • Anonymous

Samsung milking their fanbois, I see. lol