BlackBerry OS 10.1 update to bring HDR stills and more

18 April, 2013
BlackBerry OS 10.1 alpha build is already available to developers and reveals various new features.

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Another feature they need to modify is syncing of emails. Why does it only give you the option to go back 30 days. I want this is be my work phone so I want all my email on my phone ready to access if I need them. I want to see emails that are 6 months old, 12 months old, hell even 2 years old. If I have it saved in my folders then I want to be able to see it.
It is good they give you several different options that you can choose from on how far back you want to go to sync but give us more options to go back longer.

I want them to add the same features the old blackberry use to have
- company name to come up as well as persons names when a contact calls you.
The is no point saying joe is calling you when you have 5 joes saved in your phone and each one works for a different company. And no I'm not going to go and change all my contact to add the company in the first name section, I have 3000 contact in my phone, if I wanted to change them all I would have stuck to iPhone or galaxy. This is meant to be a business phone.
- add do no disturb times or sleep times. Why do I have to manually tell it when I want it to go silent and when it is ok to ring. On the old phone you use to be able set a time when it would sleep and wake. Ie go silent at 10pm and wake up at 7am.

Both these features were on the old blackberry models, I don't understand why they would take them off the newest OS.

I hope the team is working on something to bring a native RSS client as well. New features are great.

  • Anonymous

I use Blackerry, apple, and android.
My life's complete.. and no viruses of course :))

  • vaan14

I haven't seen any viruses on my android device either. Getting a virus probably means you downloaded from an untrusted source. Google helps to find a trusted source to download stuff for android.

  • Anonymous

I don't saw even once virus on my android devices. The f**k, where did you saw a virus, GUYS?

  • joki beer

bb is the best

  • Wiska3

BB is better than andriod and is free from virus attacks

  • Jason3385

BB has less virus attacks was because no one care to write any code to their OS. Doesn't mean they are more secure. without BIS, Z10 made no difference.
Many BB apps that I used crashed and unstable over time. That's worst than virus attacks.

the reason i never would buy android is the huge number of viruses. therefor i'm sure BB will remain and keep his place in hands of business users.

BB has still the advantage vs android to o have lot less virus attacs.

The update should address all issues and not just one of many issues
1.You cannot use emoticons when broadcasting messages, and also you cannot send to a particular group.
2.You cannot copy a contact personal message if /when you like the message/quote/ what is being said
3.You cannot launch an internet page from contact personal messages on their display messages
4.You cannot copy a day’s chat. You are forced to copy all conversation, move to doc to go
5.When you close a chat, previous messages should be archived and not bringing up/displaying those old messages when you relaunch the contact chat
6.You cannot set group chat setting not to notify you of conversation or activities in the group, so that it doesn’t distract you.
7.You cannot paste numbers unto the dialing pad (Being solved by the 10.1 update)
8.You cannot dial contact from your BBM when they have been linked to the address book
9.You cannot dial a number from chat message which has just being given to u by a contact. You have to copy then create the contact before dialing the number.
10.The NFC function will not receive picture from the s3 but can send picture to the s3 which is received without hassle
11.You cannot send PIN messages.

I will like to see the 10.1 addressing all these issues and not just one or two of many

  • BB_User

Smartphones deliver different functions and may satisfy certain groups of users. I love BB10, because it serves me well in terms accessing apps/FB/Twitter etc, just need a small effort by swiping. it's easy overall, and I like it so much. And, it suits well for both as business tools, and for personal things with friends & family.

For Android/iOS users, you have your own right to say the OS is the best. But, its too outdated already. Beware of the coming Ubuntu phone/tablet. Heheheh....


I dont know why you keep comparing different manufacturers. Buy phone depending on your need.

Is it known when there are going to provide official update for z10?

  • maxell

BlackBerry Z10 is a very good device.
It's about time for BlackBerry (previously RIM) to compete with IOS and Android.

  • Amit

blackberry always ..all..mob...good...not..bad....i have a blackberry...

I'm waiting for this. Finally :D

yan, 18 Apr 2013basically what we've(iOS & Android users) had for years lol.... moreWow.. just like IOS can transfer via Bluetooh, Broadcast message, having a file manager, Screen share during video call?

BB10 OS is not that impressive comparing to iOS or Android Jelly Bean.

Very limited apps and the phone (Z10) itself is difficult to use.

The Z10 has an old generation hardware (only dual core & 4.2" screen) but sell at latest flagship price.
It means under performing hardware with over priced device.

I don't think BB 10 will survive for a long time.