Sprint expands its LTE network over 21 new markets

19 April, 2013
Sprint expands its 4G network in 21 new markets including Charlotte, Los Angeles and Memphis.

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  • Mike from NY

Here's a bigger dumb question... Why expand to all those little towns but leave NYC out of it?? Are they f-ing retarded? There are 10+ million people living in NYC and they upgrade small cities in South Carolina? Ok... and this is one of the reasons why they are number 3 carrier (debatable) in the US.

  • atis

Saaz, 20 Apr 20134G Network Is Available Any Where In India???? yes its available in india dude

  • Kdezay

I am patient with these guys. They may be slow getting the 4G LTE market updated but after 2 years of experience I left THE MOBILE because of the coverage issue. I pay a lot less for my family plan with unlimited data access. Keep improving your service Sprint.

  • Mike

Sprint did the big cities in NC but left the central NC barren of 4G.

Since when, or where else in the world a village or a town is considered as a new market? Only in U.S. I guess.

No love for Manchester, NH?

This is bullshit sprint!

  • Saaz

4G Network Is Available Any Where In India????

  • oye

Why you no put LTE here in Tyler, Texas!

  • mpnbps

what about new jersey ????

  • Anonymous

plattinum706, 19 Apr 2013umm Wow. Legrange and Milledgeville get LTE before Augusta Ga. I... moreOrdered a T-Mo sim today ... happy to pay ETF to dump sprint's ever worsening "3G" network

umm Wow. Legrange and Milledgeville get LTE before Augusta Ga. I'm going to Tmobile and i'm not looking back twice.

screw you sprint why the hell is it that new york doesnt have lte as yet? and why the hell you have people paying for premium data and we are not getting it im still stuck with that same shitty 3g connection. and when im in my house the 3g is soo slow it cant even load up google main page. when my contract is up im freaking leaving. screw you sprint

  • psy

Psycho_Gen, 19 Apr 2013LTE available at Colombo srilanka.. awesome.. I mean in colombo

  • Psycho_Gen

LTE available at Colombo srilanka.. awesome..

in my country this will probably happen after 10 years from today