Nokia granted injunction against HTC One in Netherlands

23 April, 2013
This will prevent the shipping of the HTC One in the country. Update: The ban has since been lifted.

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  • Jake

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2013Patent is ment to block others to missues your intelectual prope... moreYou can ask payment to others for using your patten, that's fair. But blocking others to use is evil. Means you're trying to monopolies the technology.

  • Anonymous

htcian, 24 Apr 2013Nokia has nothing of its own. They are imitating others brands ... moreyour name says it all and this rhymes with...troll

  • Anonymous

karfous.tnt, 23 Apr 2013life is harsh... ouch still htc fan though and i will buy ht... moreif htc has no blame then how come they said it was their innovation since they only bought it? From lagdroid camp HTC One or Xperia Z I think are complete phones although their cameras are far from great(gone are the days when Sony along with Ericsson had almost no competition in this field) but HTC's innocense, sorry, was lost when they started that silly "war" against Nokia if you remember, first against Lumia920(moking its extra wight comparred to 8X) and then that "Brief History of Photography", this time their mockery went for 808, so, no, I don't trust their innocence and I think they were perfectly aware what they were buying...

  • Anonymous

Carol, 23 Apr 2013As much as i hate to admit, you are right! But... This mic is ma... moreThis started in Netherlands because ST Micro's headquarters are in there, I don't think this country was chosen randomly:):

"Anyways, HTC is still in big problem here, because though court hasnít forced a ban on HTC One, but ruled that ST Micro canít sell the HAAC mics to anyone but Nokia till Feb 2014. In case ST Micro tries to sell it will have to pay compensation of 50,000 Euro per microphone supplied to other manufacturers, this with a maximum of EUR 1 million."

[deleted post]OMG, I didn't know the truth hurts that much, or does it? :O I don't want to argue anymore because I already have proven myself and the more I wrote, the more I feel proud ;) I am a successful person so call me anything but I don't care, I don't even dare to care but I understand how much butt hurt you got over my comments...

@Lipas, I don't think that suits like this can be solved that much easy. If it would be then all would happen in past when ever some files a suit against a second person, the second person will just in the presence of an arbitrator, would have payed the fine charges and all was clean like before. I don't know the procedure how they handle these type of suits because its been a while I haven't studied Merchantile Law therefore I wouldn't consider throwing my two cents here. But I do know solving suits like that aren't that much easy. :-\

  • HTC

shame on Nokia, it behaves as Apple

Actually, with the HTC One being as awesome as it is and the way people are getting more and more fed up with the look-a-like Samsungs, Nokia stands to make millions in licensing fees alone over the next few months. A definite win-win for both companies since HTC gets to market the "HDR Audio Recording" and Nokia gets some well deserved cash.

  • Hansen

PARAG B, 23 Apr 2013Calm down , calm down and stop being a typical nokia fanboy.. an... moreHe is all over blindly backing something that has gone extinct.

  • htcian

Ar-Abe, 23 Apr 2013LOL Nokia copied... That's the funniest thing I have ever heard ... moreNokia has nothing of its own. They are imitating others brands UI's and still failed in it.

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2013and I'm really sick of this so called new phones which are just ... moreAgreed with you on this one. Among all the OEMs Nokia seems to be the one to produce most innovation. Not just gimmick.

- The Oversampling Megapixels tech in Pureview Phase 1.
- Lowlight photography and physical OIS in a camera phone in Pureview Phase 2.
- Distort-free sound recording tech.
- Supersensitive Screen (can use gloves).

All of those are serious hardware innovations made by Nokia.
Even the so-called "Ultrapixel" is not that much of innovation since the 2007 Nokia N95 camera has the size pixel of 2.2 uM compared to One's 2.0 uM.

I'm not saying HTC One is not a great phone. But its certainly not the one with innovation.

  • reinone

who wants Nokia n it's out dated os again? Damn what crap technology do they claim whn da company is already dead, talk of windows os on phone, thats awful why do I owe a laptop.Nokia is a tyme bomb already exploding.
Android n HTC forever. Think of quality n sense it's HTC. Reason before yu talk man.

The injunction is against ST, not HTC.
As ruling says: HTC could not possibly know the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between Nokia and ST.
Also, the mic is co-developed by Nokia and ST, hence why ST has right to sell it to anyone after 1 year of exclusion to Nokia.
ST incorrectly interpreted the exclusion agreement to 6 months and sold it to HTC.
As court ruling stated, HTC is blameless.

PARAG B, 23 Apr 2013Calm down , calm down and stop being a typical nokia fanboy.. an... moreYour grammar just hurts my brain. I don't think you made that for a laughter, or was it? After seeing a tremendous reply to your post, you just didn't understand my logic behind it and call me out a fan boy while my whole comment, if a logical person reading, would define it as a relevant answer to your post.

"if ur nit aware and every one knows whats happening with nokia without android and i wud like to b the 1st person 2 buy a nokia flagship smartphone with android"

First you said you were trolling Android users and now this? Kinda seems funny how you just changed your style just after sentences. Now I understand, where this was all coming from. AS again, I am viewing another person with the same comment "Nokia with Android" who just fired pretends to be a Nokia lover and suddenly change his tone towards contra.

Calling me a fan boy would only make you look even more brainless as you don't understand my post clearly. I wrote LOGIC. This is not fanboysm my friend. Only you here is brain washed with "Lag". I bet you would call your teachers brainwash as well because they teach you logics right?

  • Carol

Ar-Abe, 23 Apr 2013I on my every post here criticized HTC for using that technology... moreHey, you were the first that made me understand some small things. I don't want HTC to go down either. And you are right, Is good that Nokia had common sense in this.

Ar-Abe, 23 Apr 2013Who cares? What are you? You have just killed the purpose of a &... moreCalm down , calm down and stop being a typical nokia fanboy.. any android user wud understand what i wrote in my comment .again ,every one knows any OEMs will give a good quality mic .u r behaving as if u were not aware of any flagship smartphones with a good quality mic till today .but who am i explaning this cause ur a brainwashed nokia fanboy who doesnt have a simple comman sense and who doesnt even know that every flagship will have a good quality mic ...and i guess u copy things and p** irate online stuff a lot cause i think the copy word hurt u lot but hello ...i used that "copy"word for android users to laugh ..thats why i wrote "lol" after my statement and fyi "lol" mean" laughing out loud" if ur nit aware and every one knows whats happening with nokia without android and i wud like to b the 1st person 2 buy a nokia flagship smartphone with android cause i still like nokia afterall it was my 1st phone in my life but i had to switch to other OEMs for the android OS but i just pitty for the fanboys like u..GTFO if u dont have abilty to understand comments "open the source of ur mind like android open source lol.."

[deleted post]More like 16.50$ :-)

i read sm of the comments here , and i wud have luved if nokia wud have sued sammy ( who eventually breaks every copyright stuff and claims their own, htc and sony deserve better den any sort of galaxy and against nokia,s pureview tech ultrapixel is a gud try( though when it was launched there spokeperson criticized and downsized pureview tech which is i@@tic of him), but still atleast htc is trying to innovate and trying somethng differnet , yes htc one cant beat my 2 year old nokia n8 leave aside 808 p.v but htc,s design , hardwar and sense makes sense really(superior to touchwiz crap by galaxies). . Thd price is too high here in India and i dont see any such advt by htc ( i dunno whh they are not interested in marketing here in india). Daily i see samsung and iphn begging people to buy their stuff with extra discounts in t.v ads and print media and i cant see too much frm NOKIA AND HTC regarding advt department. Even one f my friend who owns a sensation xl didnt knew anything bout htc. I showed him the videos and stuff( even though i have used, is using and will only use nokia handsets but still when if i think bout android i think bout htc and sony not s@msh@@t)

Carol, 23 Apr 2013As much as i hate to admit, you are right! But... This mic is ma... moreI on my every post here criticized HTC for using that technology in their flagship illegally. Frankly speaking. I LOVE HTC One, Xperia Z and Nokia. It's just the thing that HTC's flagship 'ONE' is already delayed and if Nokia claims it in all over the world including Netherlands then the flagship will be delayed again and the heavy amount of fine it would have to pay to Nokia for that resulting heavy loss and more delaying in their flagship. Huge disappointment for customers who preordered it. People who had built their interest in buying this phone will just lost in dust. Luckily, Nokia only claims it in Netherlands.

I don't want to see a beautiful company like HTC going downward again :(

  • Carol

Option58, 23 Apr 2013Well, you have bad impression. HTC is everything but copycat. An... moreAs much as i hate to admit, you are right! But... This mic is made and innovated by Nokia. That company only assembles them, they broke the rule and they should be punished, yes. But HTC should know better that they will not get away with this. Is idiotic to think that you can use some others idea in your device without paying for it... Anyways, this should be made in the entire world not only in Holland. This trial will bring nothing real to Nokia.

[deleted post]What does this have to do here?