Sony doing better than expected; revises fiscal forecast

25 April, 2013
Sony has revised its initial forecast for the fiscal year after enjoying a better-than-expected sales period.

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  • Anonymous

I had the sony xperia hayabusa tx and it was an ok phone,the thing I did not like was that if you barely,and I mean BARELY tilted the screen it would wash out.the battery life was the worst of the 70 plus phones I have owned.never again.

lovely sony products over the years. They keep doing the best stuffs

  • Anonymous

I Love u Sony !
U know ever since i used a Sony Product i never bought any other product, just love Sony !

  • anil

SONY is always best in its class whatever they have produced great technology,great design,solid words.

  • yerk

i really love sony!! from mp3 to smartphone. :-) but you know what guys, why dont you try to create. cybershot at least size like xperia arc. although its bulky or kinda thick, but most of the people today, wants an extra ordinary capturing mode. burst shot is not enough

Raul, 26 Apr 2013what are you saying kid?actually you know nothing so be silence,... moreThats was amazing man! Thats exactly what I meant. I didnt mean Sony ever was no.1 in the smartphone market, but they were no.1 as the best electronics manufacturer in the world, and they Will claim back that title, their rightful title for decades.

congarts sony, we believe in you, you are the best, you deserve the best, keep it up

  • KINOY Philippines

Keep up the good work SONY, and you won't fail. Congats.

  • sam1

Sony has one truly great goal to achieve:

..and that's also the greatest reason for me to wish them a continuing profitability

  • Fade.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2013Maybe u got some kind of blinkers was number 1 in ele... moreAlso PlayStation. Ah the PS1. Such nostalgia. Super graphicks for its time. Way better than anyone else had. Then came the PS2. Also the best graphicks of its time. With almost HD level. They sold way over 100 million of those. The PS3 did good. Though it has been proppably the best console again(Xbox 360 also very good). Soon the PS4 will be coming out. All of those hundreds millions who use PlayStation mock Sony about phone sales and dont even know that PlayStation is made By Sony.

"Sony doing better than expected"

This is what we expect from Sony.

  • Anonymous

Heal Me, 26 Apr 2013Claim back what? They were never no.1 anytime before. You sound ... moreMaybe u got some kind of blinkers was number 1 in electronics even before mobile phones could exist and even when they existed sony was the 1st electronics company to join forces with a mobile producer in the form of Ericsson. Sony has been a manufacturer that has been the first to introduce various electronics, hell they were the 1st to manufacture a flat screen such as the trinitron and wega, they were the 1st to manufacture rear projection lcd, they were the 1st to produce oled screen tv's about 7 years ago in the from of a 24".....that's just to name a has always had superior quality in terms of home audio, tv,camera's, walkmans go throw ur toys somewhere, where people give a crap about ur junk...

  • Anonymous

I decided to buy Xperia Z after seeing S4 launch and its spec

  • itsme_kath

Congratulations Sony! I know you have somehing bigger and better soon. Take your time to beautify your engine. I know all xperia will hit big! :)) start from the new breeds up to the future :)

I helped Sony by getting Xperia ZL and i m loving it. Way to go sony keep doing this and you will be number 2.

  • iffi

its shows smthg relaeble na

  • BinÐu

Please Xpeira L Launced

I have never used a phone other than SONY. Started From SE J230i and Now I'm Proud owner of Xperia TX.

  • Anonymous

think 2014, Sony will climb higher if they can maintain the good quality of Xperia Z

  • Anonymous

I find Sony design very nice and beautiful and different. Look at Apple and Samsung,their phones are similar to previous generations, with bit of changes