Samsung Galaxy S4 launched in India for Rs. 41,500

26 April, 2013
The S4 undercuts the price of main rivals HTC One and iPhone 5 and will go on sale tomorrow.

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  • anuj

Jb, 27 Apr 2013Just bought S4 Galaxy few hours back. So far so good. The only t... more8g is the user storage, 16gb is the actually physical space. The OS "eats" some of the memory. And the Touch wiz is taking up a bit more memory space other 16 gb android phones offer near about 12gb of user space with a 16 gb physical space

  • jay

its very huge android but its really awesome and more incredible of s3 & nexus 4

Being using the phone for 6 days now (purchased on Saturday for INR 40200 in India, Kolkata).

First of all, Yeah after spending 40K + u will get a smartphone which is somewhat disappointing in looks only. Somewhat I feel that Sammy should have used materials like HTC ONE to make it more more aesthetically beautiful. The quality of the plastic is good but the HTC ONE or infact XPERIA Z looks far more beautiful ..... I mean eventually it boils down to individual preferences. LOOKS ACCORDING TO TASTE.

Overall the phone is blazing fast.... Apps, Games it just loading in seconds..... Overall TOUCHWIZ is very very fluidic.... Doesn't lag at all (I m talking about the GT I9500 EXYNOS MODEL and not the SNAP 600).

Camera is good in bright daylight ... Somewhat it is little bit weak in night scene.

All the motion and gesture controls are working fine except the SMART PAUSE feature which sometimes betray you in low light condition.

One thing I have noticed that when playing HD games the back part specially the area near the camera becomes very hot .... As u exit the games it comes back to normal.

The battery is going for 1 and a half day os usage which includes some HD gaming, HD video clips, some texting and calling and contant connected with my NOKIA BH 214 for bluetooth streaming of music ....

So far so good....

  • Anonymous

amitmajumder, 28 Apr 2013Dude, The LTE network in the states are completely different tha... morehhahaha..... Now u have really started to TICKLE my bones :)) I played a prominent role during the launch of 3G in INDIA, so you better not teach me about Networks, PLEASE !!!! Here, I am trying to talk in a very simple lang so tht every non-tech person wud be able to understand. The FACT remains tht Oxynos isnt capable of supporting an already prevalent tech (4G already in most Internet savvy countries.) A tech thts going to be in INDIA soon. So its a SHAME on SamS Boy !!!

2 of my friends recently bought Grand Duos and both have 4 gb user available memory, don't know if system files takes up almost half of internal memory or is it some problem with few units

  • Anonymous

romie, 28 Apr 2013Same probs I have in my phone the internal memory is only 8GB check your model number. check your box and see the specification given. If given 16GB, then call customer support.

  • romie

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2013There is no 8GB variant of S4. Please check your model no: in ph... moreSame probs I have in my phone the internal memory is only 8GB

  • Anonymous

xperia Z is a waste of money. except waterproof feature(not essential for most users) there is nothing good. comparing with S4, Z has a slow processor, screen viewing angles are not favorable, and a sharp box design..

  • Anonymous

I purchased my galaxy s4 today I heats up like hell

In my country it is being launched in a couple of days for $950 and actually being preordered for $1140. Damn too overpriced. Wouldn't buy it for more than $750 despite of how good it is. Xperia Z and Htc One will kill it with their 20% lower price tag.

  • Anonymous

in u.a.e samsung was launched yesterday(saturday) and it is priced at Dh2,599. Indian curency Rs.(37,000-39,000). U.S $(720-730).

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2013hahaa.... SERIOUSLY !!!! Read your comment again. First you tel... moreDude, The LTE network in the states are completely different than that of the Other countries i.e. UK and many more. Samsung made it's processor to support the international network not of the State's. That's why they used different chip-sets for the US variants. Get to know the network first and then talk!!!

Hey mate... It is a world known fact that htc camera's have always sucked.... Search any forum or thread. And before u say i am a samsung fan.. I am an owner of xperia z and love it.And also the ex owner of original galaxy note n loved it as well.. Both phones are great but i wanted some change so went with sony this time ;-)

  • hello12345


  • Nokia

Again. Nokia guys on a non-nokia forum

  • Anonymous

Jb, 27 Apr 2013Just bought S4 Galaxy few hours back. So far so good. The only t... moreThere is no 8GB variant of S4. Please check your model no: in phone settings. It should be i9500(HSPA+ version) or i9505(LTE version).

  • Jb

Just bought S4 Galaxy few hours back. So far so good. The only thing that I am worried about is the storage. It shows internal storage as 8 GB whereas the guy who sold this said 16 GB

  • Anonymous

ItsAmit, 27 Apr 2013Dude, from wherever you have read that the US variants of the S4... morehahaa.... SERIOUSLY !!!! Read your comment again. First you tell me that I dont know what I have read then you go on to say tht the proc wont support 4G in US. Someones Really Confused :)) Tell me what good is such a (So Called) SUPERIOR Proc if it aint capable of supporting an already prevalent technology.

But again Finally, SUIT Yourself !!! Just like a Ordinary Average IND whos just too Advert Frenzy.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 201340k too much for this phone. Price should be 35kIt's worth dat price tag

Hi all

My earlier phone is s2 but after 100times of customizations with ROMS i got tired ( Note S2 is still functioning well ) and bored and decided to switch to windows so bought HTC Windows 8X two months back then only i realize the best things of Samsung and android OS.

First Hardware of htc : No replaceable battery ; 1) sometimes stuck with over heat and dont know what to do, in sammy i'll simply dismantle the battery for few minutes ( note sammy also got heat issue but recoverable )

2) If i want to extend my battery's capacity i can do that in samsung not with the unibody design of HTC

3) because of "cheap" plastic i can hold the sammy with hassle free guy it is pain to hold a unibody phones why ? if my sammy slips in to floor it simply separated into battery , back cover & phone after reassemble it will work as usual in HTC's case you need to be very careful even to pick it from your pocket

4) SD Card : Everybody in the world is ready to use cloud computing but infrastructure is not there in countries like india we definitely need SD cards for another 20 years and various versions (16GB/32/64) of mobiles we can get more storage up to 128 GB (movie maniacs will like this)

5)Amoled screen is having best viewing angles so it is the best for different lying/ sitting positions to see movies

And Software : Best codec support is the very best thing sammy had because movie maniacs like me will face the errors in other phones " this is not a supported format of video" after many downloads/conversions it will show the error but in sammy it will be played just like that (sammy gives entertainment HTC/Apple takes away our time and money)

2) on screen controls : fluid on screen control is the best future in sammy but HTC is sucks like anything

3)Free apps in android : Windows asking for money to download apps which are available at free of cost in android stores ( Even no angry birds pa )

4)When compare to UI of galaxy with win8 , win8 looks like another theme not an UI

Sammy got Cheap cost accessories, easily available on very next day of announcement, native 3G call facility,customer care,

etc etc etc...

Guys i am ready to pay for "inside" of the phone not for "out side" gimmicks like Unibody of HTC or Apple Iphone's squareness