Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official, Exynos 5 Octa in tow

26 April, 2013
China is also getting a Snapdragon 600 version of the phone with TD-SCDMA and a single-SIM slot.

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  • Enoch basy

we need the galaxy s4 dual sim in Nigeria

  • anand

when will s4 launched in dual sim i will buy ir immediately.

  • amit

is it available in India ?

  • Anonymous

we need it in Kenya

  • Chika

we want both S4 19502 and S4 Active in Nigeria.
When will they arrive Nigeria?

  • Saam

Greek, 20 Jun 2013Bring it to Greece too please! And if its possible make Galaxy ... moreS4 Dual or Note3 Dual sim
desperately waiting

  • HitManSnr

I saw the phone already available online selling in Malaysia under lelong.com.my

  • Anonymous

we here in Jamaica need the Samsum Galaxy dual sim. U dont hand to sell these phones

  • Nonama

Please come to Malaysia... Need high performance dual sim phone here

  • Anonymous

I am looking forward for this model to be launched in India and it's not only me who have this expectation.

  • Don mcdo

Great... when this Galaxy S4-Dual-Sim in Philippines will be release?

  • Arvind

when will be released samsung galaxy s4 dual sim in india 5"

  • sanal

pls tellwhen will it launch in india

  • Iss

Where can I buy it online

  • Birman666

Does anyone know if both SIMs can access a 3G network simultaneously? (I do realise that only one SIM at a time can access data). This question specifically relates to Australia where, particularly in rural and regional areas, the 3G footprint of both Telstra and Optus is way better than the 2G footprint.

  • Anonymous

in the middle east also.. pls.........

  • Greek

Bring it to Greece too please!
And if its possible make Galaxy Note 3 dual sim too!

  • Anonymous

Malaysia too pls

  • jon

In philippines plllsssss....

  • varaprasad

Samsung should also release the Galaxy S4 Duos in the india please provided quikly please we eagarly waiting