Asus PadFone Infinity goes on sale in the US

26 April, 2013
The Asus Padfone Infinity has finally gone on sale, with the US seemingly getting first dibs.

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  • Massive mad

Could u know when it would be released in india(chennai), Im waiting for a past 2 months for this, let me know the date/..,

  • Anonymous

You are getting a Phone AND a Tablet for this price, so its hardly expensive. An iPhone and iPad would set you just as much, if not more.

Please engage your brain before typing.

  • Anonymous

In the first place where is it sold in the US? EBay Taiwanese seller for a phone that‘s incompatible with US 3g/hspa+/lte bands?

  • hubs

Then lets see if asus gonna make a good sales dudi.

The Asus's PadPhone concept will die soon.
Below are the reason:
1) Too high price when you need to buy with the tablet. No all people need the tablet.

2) The tablet is redundant. Most of the people would like to get iPad mini or Google Nexus 7.

  • Troll Those Comments

In the first place no one ask you guys to purchase it.
Second if other phone is better than go for it?
Why at here trash talking about other people product.
You guys don't like it can't afford to get it, than get something else that you guys are affordable.
Talk so all those craps can make you guys feel better?
Than I really feel sorry for you guys.
You all don't like it don't mean other Asus supported don't like it too.
So all those nasty comment keep it to yourself.

  • hubbies

Yap their camera is not a sony match. I own ponepad2 n not long before i sell it

  • Guess

Already available in Bahrain for US$ 780

  • dude

Their screen is not better than samsung, n their player is notbetter than sony,n their battery lifes is not better than ipad. Hello your secondhand price will surely drop high fatboy.

  • gsm

Asus thinks that they gonna make a good sales with that kind of price hello

  • dariush

price phone and tablet 800 $

$999 just for a phone????? It is made of 916K gold?
This is insane!!!!!


This video was helpful in making me decide to purchase the device .

  • gazi

the price is for the phone with the dock (tablet)

Jack, 26 Apr 2013what does fone stand for? Phone, obviously

  • Jack

what does fone stand for?

  • Samoldok

flap, 26 Apr 2013You should ask all Apple buyers!That's a good one!!! :)

  • very disappointed!

even a legitimate disappointment you screen out? even though it wasn't distasteful?!

why do I even bother to read and write here?!

I'm not sure why anyone would want to pay this much for a device that is not even compatible with U.S. 3G or LTE, but whatever...

  • not officially in US

This is not an official Asus retailer. it's just someone who bought it in Taiwan and wants to make a big profit from selling it in the US...

This is the reason for the high price. This doesn't represent nothing!